What we're about

Beginner foodies, seasoned foodie (no pun intended) let's unite and talk about food stuff and restaurants and have monthly events or more.

My vision for this group is to have either monthly or bi-monthly eat in (hosted by a member) and bi-monthly dine out at a restaurant that sounds good.

Also, I want to see if we can order exotic food items from around the world, have it shipped and split it among the members who want to try the said items and reduce cost and the barrier in trying out these items.

I am not a vegan nor vegetarian. While I do not object to these choices, I will not hold vegan/vegetarian-centric event more than once or twice a year. I am sorry vegan/vegetarian friends.

Here are some ground rules :

1. one No-Call No-show will result in immediate ban from the group. We have to make reservation to the restaurants and if you don't show up, it's disrespectful to the restaurant, and make the other members who did show up to wait to see if you will show up or not.

2. No asshole rule applies at all times.

3. in line with rule #1, No mucking someone's yum. While I enjoy being a foodie, I am not a food snob. If you stay within the bounds of respecting chefs (which means if they seasoned and dry aged a perfect steak, don't add ketchup) I have no problem. Of course, your taste buds are your taste buds. I will not tolerate judgement within the group for people's taste.

4. more rules will be added as the need rises.

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