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Come learn to hoop or just to jam!

This is an all ages gathering.

Reciprocity and Karmic Balance - SJ Hoopdance Meetups are Free. We do not collect a fee for each meetup. However donations are lovingly accepted. Contributions are used for website organizer annual fees, for music/iTunes, for Batteries, for Music players/and to replace when broken : (, to build and supply hoops to share : ), for instructional support provided, bottled water, etc.

The "gratitude and support" jar will be out if you feel called to help support us monetarily.

Suggested donation is $5.


The total-wellness benefits of hoopdance include:

It's FUN and feels great!It's Integrative Fitness, combining strength, cardio, and meditation... You will feel JOY FILLED!

Creates calmness and releases stress

Total body workout

Builds core strength

Low/moderate impact, high-energy cardio workout

Increases range of motion in major joint regions

Tones and sculpts muscles of the legs, buttocks, and arms

Builds confidence

Develops hand-eye coordination

Improves balance

Promotes dynamic movement

Inspires creativity and self-expression

Stimulates the skin and lymphatic system

Increases endorphins

Is transformative for the body, mind, and spirit

Tones the abdominals

Helps post-natal women decrease belly adipose tissue (“baby belly”)

Improves one’s yoga practice, and other physical practices,
through core strength development

Inspires passion and creates joy in people’s daily lives

Is accessible to all fitness levels

New to SJ Hoopdance and don't have a hoop? We have plenty to share. We also sell hoop blanks for $6 (or what the current cost is to us) as well as ready-made and custom hoops. Hoop to see you all out with us!


Meetup Location - Malaga Lake in Franklin Township...right off of Route 55 (directions and map below).

DIRECTIONS FROM Route 55: Take exit 39(A/B) for Route 40 East toward Malaga. After 0.9 miles, you will pass Malaga Lake on your left and just beyond the dam, turn Left onto Malaga Park Drive...start moving over into turning lane that's just before concrete median (LANDMARK: Hot Pink & Purple Tattoo House). Proceed for 0.5 miles and turn Left into the gravel parking lot at Malaga Lake Park.

You will see Hoopies on the beach !

IF COMING FROM PITTSGROVE, take Porchtown Road to Route 40. Make Right for Route 40 East toward Malaga...follow same directions.


- FYRef - Park is exactly 12 min from 322, Exit 50(A/B) on Rte 55; 20 min from Exit 58 on Rte 55 for Deptford; 16 min from Rte 49 Millville, Exit 24 on Rte 55.

Happy Hooping!

Weather Permitting

Cancellations will be posted by 5:00PM on the day of hooping.

SJ Hoopdance collects no dues and assumes no responsibility. Hooping is a potentially injurious activity and exercise. By attending an event you are agreeing that you are responsible for your own safety at all times. No member of the group EXCEPT YOURSELF can be held responsible for any injuries, damages, accidents or liabilities incurred while hooping with us.