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Do you have a referral-driven business and do you want or need more referrals? Do you love to meet new people and build meaningful friendships? Have you tried other networking groups and been turned off by their methods? If so, then maybe you've just found the group you're looking for. Our meetings are filled with laughter and purpose. Through something we call "speed networking," we meet several new people at each event and get a feel for each other - not just as business people, but as people.

THERE ARE NO MEMBERSHIP DUES. You won't be charged to belong to this group. No one is paid to organize the Syndicate, so there's no cost to you. Just get to know the other GoodFellas, see who you "click" with and watch for opportunities to refer clients.

Our meetings are hosted by Barbiere's Italian Inn in South Milwaukee, and they do so for free. So please support their business by purchasing food and/or beverages during our event. Matt, the restaurant owner, even contributes a gift certificate for a free pizza at the end of the night (for a single winner) and gives us a discount on tap beers. If you don't drink alcohol and you're not going to eat, please at least buy a soda to show your appreciation.

We're based in the City of South Milwaukee and we're open to professionals who serve this community and the surrounding areas - Oak Creek, St. Francis, Bay View, Southeast Milwaukee, Caledonia, Racine, etc. If you believe, as I do, that we're better together, come join us. Let's create a rising tide that floats all boats (and let's have some fun doing it!).

-Neal Letteney, Organizer

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South Milwaukee Syndicate Speed-Networking

Barbiere's Italian Inn South Milwaukee

Speed-Networking among Good-fellas is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and establish new business connections. Spend 10 minutes talking to someone you don't know. Then, when the bell rings, move to someone else. Don't worry if you haven't finished your conversation - you can stay after the organized event, or better yet, set a time to meet on your own! Bring business cards, flyers, or other materials promoting your business. We'll all have time to introduce ourselves to the group. Then we'll spend the rest of the time speed-networking. Get to know each other - and not just on a business level. If you're going to refer your clients to other business people, you must be comfortable with who they are. Then you'll be confident that they'll treat your clients right. We meet on the left (bar) side of the restaurant. We have the use of the room for free, so it's important that we support the establishment generously! The owner gives us $1 off all tap beers and often contributes a gift certificate at the end of the night to a single winner. Please buy beverages - at least soda if you don't drink alcohol. And try some of the best butter-dipped garlic bread you'll ever find. The pizza is great too and you can always take a meal to go. Let's thank Matt, the owner, by supporting his business and not just our own. Join us and let's keep pouring on the secret sauce!!

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South Milwaukee Syndicate Speed-Networking

Barbiere's Italian Inn South Milwaukee

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