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The South Orange County Bunco group is comprised of hilarious ladies in their 30's - early 40's (although we have players in their early 50's who look younger that I do!) who are beautiful and awesome on the inside and out. (If you are anywhere near a wallflower, super quiet or always too shy to come out of your shell and really socialize with strangers, this group may not be for you. Bunco is a dice game and gamers who like wine and cocktails often have the most fun of all!)

For Buncos on the First Friday of Every Month:

1 - Bring $7 in cash (single $1 bills - if you please because no one can make change for you) that covers appetizers, table snacks, dinner, dessert, wine and cocktails. (Players usually Uber home around 11:00 because it's open bar. Just FYI.)

2 - For the Appearance Theme, is To Be Determined - the official invitation will state it. (An example is 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s' (dress, pearls, gloves, hat, sunglasses, etc.)

3 - The Gift Theme is To Be Determined - the official invitation will state it. (An example is 'everything that smells divine'.)

4 - This is important:

Buy the Bunco gift every month with cash - only - so that any returns exchanges to the store by the winner of your gift can be a breeze at a local shopping store. Do not tell the cashier it's a gift because they will automatically give you a gift receipt which automatically turns into store credit - Nooooooooo. So that means you CAN NOT buy a gift card and you CAN NOT buy anything online at Amazon, etc. (We loathe store credit!) * We will check when you arrive to Bunco that your receipt states that you paid with cash for the Bunco gift and that your receipt does not state it is a "Gift Receipt" that doesn't even indicate the amount you spent on the gift. *

5 - Bring the receipt for the $25 + gift in an envelope or bag with you to Bunco. (In case the winner prefers to return the Bunco prize later on.) Presenting the Bunco gift and the receipt together is mandatory, taped together, whatever works.

6 - The Bunco gift each month must be a surprise. So bring the gift wrapped or in a gift bag or a garbage bag or anything opaque. The winner picks the Bunco gift out as a surprise, it doesn't matter how pretty the opaque packaging is.

7 - Bunco in General:

Every player gets a Punchbowl / Evite electronic invitation - because there's a lot of details for Bunco (if a person has never heard of it or played the dice game.) So we have to send the invitation to all players electronically to make sure all players are on board with what to wear, what cash to bring and what to buy as their gift. Message a way for me to send that invitation to you electronically, if you RSVP that Yes you are definitely attending in the future.

8 - If you are new to Bunco and you want to bring a friend - that would be totally cool! Message me their info ahead of time and they will be sent an invitation as well. We don't want you to mention you bringing someone last minute as Bunco is played with a set number of players.

9 - Bunco attendance each month is first come, first served - because Bunco has a specific number of players (12 or 16). The members of this group that RSVP first will be sent the Punchbowl / Evite invitation. After the player maximum is reached that are attending, then the women that RSVP on MeetUp will move to a stand-by list to play for that month.

10 - Stand-by is not bad at all! Players sometimes have to unavoidably cancel at the last minute, so we contact the stand-by list immediately and see who is still available to come play Bunco for that date.

11 - Hope you get a chance to come play Bunco sometime and meet all the funny hottie biscotti players!

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