What we're about

The purpose of our meetup is to introduce people to the value of astrology and share it's symbolism in understanding the role we can play in the world we live in.

This is a group for anyone who would like to learn about how Astrology may enhance the quality of our experiences. Astrology can help unveil one's purpose, provide self-understanding, thereby enhancing relationships, and so much more. We are all born because there's a need for us to be here to further develop and evolve spiritually. In one word, it can be called “Awakening”.

Awaken to the fact that…
• the ego is a tool that shapes one's identify but is not who you are.
• our religious, social and political order were formed in times were based on ego and its resultant power. These institutions and concepts remain with us today.

Spiritually grounded concepts and motivations will be shared for awakening the spirit within during our MeetUps this year. As we encourage the ego to act in the service of spiritual growth, we can not only heal ourselves, but contribute to the spiritual world we know exists and supports all that is and will be.

About Ray, the Organizer
A practicing professional Astroligist for more than 4 decades, a member of the International Astrological Association, a former member of the Washington State Astrological Association. He provides quality information and guidance for the beginner or advanced astrology or metaphysical student. Ray is available for private consultations (sliding scale fee available). You can also sign up for his monthly astrology report on you tube, Astrological Perspectives.

About Carmen, the Co-Organizer
A former international flight attendant, certified yoga teacher, administrative professional, and Astrologer, she blends her knowledge and experience by providing unique insights into the opportunities presented by transiting aspects to natal planets that occur throughout all phases of life.

Fees: Annual member: $25. Drop in to one meeting: $10. We look forward to meeting you and exploring this fascinating subject together.

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