What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in intentional commUNITY, healing, and spiritual growth. You are welcome if you are looking to deepen connections, share and hold sacred space in small group intention circles, and explore healing modalities.

Our events are focused around deepening our own spiritual connection and personal healing as well as supporting each other in healing and spiritual growth.

We'll explore modalities like...

~ Vibrational sound healing and sound baths w/ crystal & Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, drumming, voices, frequency, and other sacred sounds. We'll also learn about and use sacred geometry in healing through placement and movement of sacred sound tools.

~ Ayurveda: The oldest holistic system of natural medicine still in practice today. Explore a holistic mind/body/spirit lifestyle, learn about the elements and the doshas Kapha, Pitta, & Vata; whole food nutrition customized for each dosha, balancing herbs, Marma therapy, Ashtanga 8 limbs of Yoga, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Vastu Shastra (Feng shui), Sanskrit mantra & chanting, Jyotish (Vedic astrology), mudras, sacred altars & ritual, crystal/gem therapy & grids, & aromatherapy.

~ Energy healing: Reiki (Intro classes, workshops, Reiki shares), balancing your prana through Ayurveda, Chakra balancing, & Auric cleansing, past life regression and soul retrieval, EFT, reflexology (for mind & body), and more on sacred geometry in relation to energy healing.

~ Meditation, Ritual, & Ceremony: Cacao Ceremonies, Yoga Nidra, guided meditation, breath-work meditation - Pranayama, New & Full Moon Rituals, Shamanic journeying & drumming, meditation techniques for releasing stuck energy, healing trauma, and breaking free from restrictive habits; Intention Ceremonies for setting personal & group intentions for healing ourselves, our communities, and Mother Earth.

~ Law of Attraction/Manifestation: Explore the power of sharing intentions in a small group setting and manifest your heart's desires.

~ And more modalities as interest develops...

~ Special Note: This group is modeled after Lynne Mctaggart's research and experiments which can be read about in the books "The Intention Experiment" and "Power of 8". She tested the potential for people in groups to effect change with focused intention at a distant, even thousands of miles apart. She found that when groups of people focused their intention for healing and transformation on a ‘target recipient', not only did the recipient often receive the intended change, but the wider group of participants also received the healing and transformation that they needed. She calls this almost miraculous process ‘the rebound effect’. This is a modern version of ancient wisdom, which suggests that the more we focus on helping others, and the less we focus on our ourselves, the more we all collectively benefit.

Are you a practitioner in the healing arts? Come bring your gifts to exchange, share, and/or teach a workshop. Come if you're still a student and starting out on your path. The group is open to all whether you are new or a skilled practitioner of these healing modalities. Come and connect in a heart centered circle.

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