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South Shore Songwriter's Group
This is a songwriting environment where we critique each other's songs and offer constructive feedback. This is NOT a performance meet-up. Please keep in mind this is a group for people who take songwriting seriously whether it is a hobby or a profession for you. Please bring at least 5 copies of your lyrics. There will be a keyboard available to perform your song, if you need it. If your song is on some sort of media device there will be a small pair of speakers as well.

Thomas Crane Public Library

40 Washington St · Quincy

Respond by: 10/25/2018

What we're about

This group is for all those out there who are songwriters, whether you are a beginner or a professional. This group meets every other week. We begin the group by introducing ourselves and everyone brings in a song or two that they are working on or have worked on. Each person can give constructive criticism to that person's work that is sharing his or her song. We ask that each person brings 5 copies of their lyrics. There is a guitar and keyboard available for you to perform your song. You are welcome to bring your own instrument. If you don't play an instrument and just write lyrics that is fine too or if you don't write lyrics and just write instrumentals that is also fine. Whatever you bring that you can contribute is OK! The setting is in a library room so music will have to be unplugged at this time.

*Membership Dues*

Everyone can sign up for free and I ask that everyone pay $5 annually after their first meet-up if you will be attending more meet-ups. You can pay this directly to me at the meet-up.

This fee covers the cost of the meetup site.

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