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Enjoy going on outdoor adventures with your dog? Want to meet other dog owners in the South Puget Sound Area and discover new places to take our canine companions hiking, camping, and swimming? We will be going on hikes, some on-leash and some off-leash, and excursions to local dog parks and swimming spots in the area. Depending on the weather, we may also be visiting dog-friendly restaurants and enjoying some food and drink afterward.

Dogs are welcome on or off leash, depending on the restrictions of the trail, as long as they are socialized and under control. People are welcome with or without dogs, as long as they are dog lovers! You don't have to have a dog to join the group, you just have to enjoy getting outdoors with dogs and people. We emphasize responsible dog ownership and our off-leash events are often limited in numbers to keep things under control and to represent our group well to others who share the trails.

About the Organizer:

I am a 36-year-old male, I moved to Olympia from Sacramento, CA about a year ago. I have an eight and a half-year-old lab mix named Roco. We love to go hiking, camping, backpacking, and swimming and enjoy the natural beauty of our region.

Please read and agree to the following before participating in any events:


Each person who participates accepts responsibility for making any decisions regarding their and their dog(s) safety, conduct and well-being; recognizes possible hazards attending outdoor activities; and accepts responsibility for all risks and liability associated with their behavior and that of their dogs.


Please make sure your dog behaves appropriately. This includes being aware of what your dog is doing at all times and making sure your dog is interacting appropriately with other dogs in the group (meaning dogs are not bullying other dogs, not repeatedly harassing other dogs who are not into playing, etc.). “Arguments” between dogs happen occasionally, but let’s be proactive and try to prevent any problems before they occur as much as we can. Some dogs naturally like to "play fight" and that's okay as long as both dogs are willing! Unwelcome/unprovoked negative interaction is not.

• Please be considerate of others during lunch and snack breaks. If your dog begs from other group members, please keep them on-leash and with you during food breaks: this helps prevent conflicts between dogs about food.

• Know and adhere to Leave No Trace ethics at all times (LNT Organization Home Page: ). Encouraging others to do so is appreciated. Please carry bags and pick up after your dogs on all meetups!

• If you have a question for a particular event that you signed up for or are running late, you need to contact your "event host" who is listed at the top right of the list of attendees.

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