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Early Lunch at The Vegan Cafe

This Meetup is past


I know that my last event here was last minute and the timing was difficult for many people to attend. Therefore, I have found another date to try an early lunch on the weekend.

I will be attending a class there ( listed as a separate event for those who may be interested) that morning so I though I would just stick around and have an early lunch there as well.

I hope that this date and time will work well for many more people.

This really is a great place and it is a personal goal of mine to try and support the very few vegan ( and or vegan friendly) places that we have in the south so that they will be successful and stick around as options for all of us to enjoy!

I hear plenty of complaints by people about our lack of veggy options in the South and SW burbs but that is only going to change if we help it to change. Each one of you has the opportunity to do that now by helping to keep what we already have here ( through our support and patronage), and then their success will in turn attract more businesses to settle down with us as well.

Please join me!

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