The Horrors of Enterprise Software with Roisi Proven


Even in the most agile of organisations, Enterprise software is still the first choice for third parties. However, most are unwieldy, unfit for purpose, and basically everything we don’t need as well as a few things we do. Why and how should we change this?

When working on any large project, the need to use 3rd party applications is inevitable. In companies of all shapes and sizes, from two-man startups to internationally recognised names, there’s a reason that Enterprise software continues to be a successful, profitable business model. They’re seen as the only way forward, and once you’re locked into a licence agreement, it’s very hard to extricate the business from it and onto a new platform.

However, when Red Badger (Roisi's previous company) investigated potential 3rd parties, it could be a never-ending stream of options that became quite overwhelming. More often than they championed the David over the Goliath. They fought for open source even when working with huge multi-national organisations. So why do this, instead of signing up for packages tied in a neat little bow?

About Roisi

Roisi Proven ( is an Agile Project Manager at Honeycomb, a broadcast media company in London, England.

After watching agile being done both well and badly in the games industry, she made the move to web development and has helped to rebuild the Fortnum & Mason e-commerce site from scratch in just 9 months.

Roisi is passionate about open source and taking the road less travelled when it comes to strategy, and loves evangelising for open-source and custom-built solutions to big business problems.

Roisi likes cats and dislikes talking about herself in the third person.