Solar Arc Directions: WHY did that happen?

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Our meetup is free.To thank Tribu Cafe for hosting us, please buy a beverage and snack. There is no charge for the learning resources I distribute.

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At this meetup event you will be introduced to the theory of Solar Arc Directions and have an opportunity to see them in action in your own horoscope.

Solar arc directions are a prediction technique closely related to secondary progression (day for a year method). Solar arc directions help us understand WHY people and situations enter our lives during certain 12 month periods — lessons to be learned and growth. We all have various times in our lives when it seems as if the universe (greater power, God, Goddess, Spirit, etc.) is pushing us forward.

Solar arc directions are calculated by finding the “arc” (distance in degrees) from the natal Sun to the secondary progressed (day for a year) Sun, then add this arc (distance in degrees) to the each of the natal planets and points. Because the Sun moves at a rate of almost exactly one degree a day (progressed Sun), this method makes it rather easy to estimate positions of solar arc planets and points WITHOUT an ephemeris or astrology app. The position of the solar arc planets are its natal position in degrees plus the degrees equal to the age of the individual in years.

For example, my natal Saturn is at 2Can05 (1944). At the age of 12 years 1956, my Saturn progressed by a solar arc of 12 degrees to about 14Can, thus Saturn had moved to conjunct my natal Sun at 14Can12. A year before (1955) I was given an IQ test in the 6th Grade. Based on the result of the IQ test I was offered to take three years (7th, 8th, and 9th grade) in two years. I will discuss more details at the meetup.

To help each attendee see their Solar Arc Directions from birth to 2019, I will make a video screen capture of their Solar Arc Directions every year from my Astro Gold app. The screen capture video will be a .mov. You may start and stop the viewing of your Solar Arc video for any year. To determine the year, watch the date change in the upper right corner. To get that video, you must register before July 18, 2019 for the meetup event July 20, 2019. If I (Gerald, organizer) do not already have your birth data and you want the video, send your birth data to me via meetup message (mm/dd/yyyy, time, city). To see an example of the video (Gerald’s solar arcs), go to the link below:

To keep our two (2) hour meetup focused on a reasonable amount of details, we will focus on conjunctions of solar arc directed planets to natal planets and points — actually many aspects are important (opposition, square, trine, sextile, etc.). If you wish to explore the meaning of a specific important year as to its solar arc, in your personal solar arc video, please pick one conjunction of solar arc to natal planets or points (Ascendant/descendant, Midheaven/IC) that corresponds to that year. We will discuss your events and solar arc at this event meetup.

For example, in my solar arc video, in 1989 my solar arc Mars conjunct Jupiter reached my natal IC (opposite the Midheaven). The aspect started to apply in 1988. Wow!! what a period of change for me:
Moved to Stockton, California with my girlfriend of 3 years from Queens, New York.
Started teaching public speaking and essay writing at San Joaquin College in Stockton
Bought a car after not having one for 20 years

To determine whether the solar arc direction conjunction will be a significant year, an astrologer would also look at secondary progressions, and transits. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to look at all those. We will just practice and learn with solar arc directions.

***** We start promptly at 10am Saturday 20 July 2019.