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Jul 7, 2014


Wrote some code at The Filter; MongoDb sucked, ElasticSearch didn't. Now writing code at Sitecore - an ASP.NET CMS and Analytics platform that lots of people use.

Are you already using ElasticSearch? For Evaluation? For Production?

Have used it in the past, but my new company are going with a messy mix of MongoDb, Solr and Lucene for their next product version. This is naive and unfortunately destined for 'a lack of success' in my opinion. ES has a lot to offer I think, so I'm gonna try and do some prototypes to push its adoption.

For you, what's ElasticSearch's killer feature

Sharding and replication by default. It's index & type schema model. Innovative features such as percolation, index aliases, aggregations, Kibana.

Is there anything you're finding a challenge with ElasticSearch

Relaible cross data centre replication