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This is a group for lovers of Korean drama and culture (television and movies). Would love to meet with others who watch K-drama series/films for discussion. Would also like to experience the cuisine by visiting local Korean restaurants for bibimbap and barbecue. Also attending the occasional Korean cultural event would be fun. Trip to Seoul anyone?

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Potluck Dinner and Music

Broadleaf Boulevard

What's the next best thing besides watching k-dramas? That's right, listening and singing to k-pop music (singing optional). So come join us, bring your tastiest dish and get ready to share your favorite k-pop. We'll be checking out the best k-pop videos on YouTube.

Let's Have Dinner and Catch Up at Angry Tofu!!

Let's sit down, eat some delicious food and chat with great people about our favourite topic! Korean dramas!...and movies....and music...and culture...and whatever else strikes your fancy! Angry Tofu has some delicious food! You can check out the menu yourself here: https://www.angrytofu.com/menu Hope to see you all there!

Let's Go to Paradise City Arts Festival & Gohyang Korean Restaurant

Yankee Magazine wrote “The Northampton visual arts scene explodes at the Paradise City Arts Festival, an extravaganza of 200-plus top-notch craftspeople and fine artists that’s been dazzling shoppers since 1995.” Carefully selected artists and makers from every corner of America descend upon Northampton for three days of astounding visual arts, eye-popping design, scrumptious food, music, special events and great fun. Let's attend the spring show in Northampton and afterwards we'll have dinner at Gohyang Korean Restaurant & Market in Hadley MA . It costs $14 entrance fee to get into the Paradise City Arts Festival. You can have a $2 coupon sent to you from the homepage https://festivals.paradisecityarts.com/shows/northampton-may-show. There's something here for everyone!

SWKD First Summer (very late spring) Retreat

Oak Bluffs


At our holiday retreat I made a suggestion that we try something different for our annual trip. The last three years we've visited K-town in Manhattan. This year I would like to propose a trip to Martha's Vineyard for a long weekend. We can enjoy the beauty of the Vineyard and bring our own k-drama activities with us (movies, drama series, games). The Vineyard is a wonderful place to relax and there is plenty to do and see. I'm suggesting we go the weekend before the summer solstice. It is just before school lets out, so it's not yet overrun with people visiting for the summer and there is the annual Harbor Festival to enjoy. This is the ocean-view condo that we've booked for our visit to the vineyard. The final cost per person which includes travel insurance and damage fees is $382.78 per person. Here's a link to the property site on VBRO https://www.vrbo.com/3774903ha?unitId=3789826&arrivalDate=06%2F13%2F2019&departureDate=06%2F17%2F2019 . We need 1 more person to fill in the sixth slot. Come enjoy the island and the beautiful beaches. You won't regret it!

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Lunch Talk and Movie

Manchester Community College

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