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Come along to our free monthly NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practice group where you’ll have plenty of opportunity to… well… practice! Oh and you'll meet some great people as well! Join Jo at Champion's Manor Hall and meet other people interested in NLP, ask questions and make new connections! The topics vary each month, and if there is a particular area you’d like us to explore, let us know prior and we’d be delighted to focus a session based on that. We meet for around two hours and our groups are always friendly, welcoming, enthusiastic and very supportive of each other. Whether you have years of NLP experience or none at all, we’d love to see you there! NLP is the study of how the way in which we think and communicate leads us into performing certain behaviours or patterns. It’s an incredibly powerful tool for breaking stubborn habits, finding solutions that you would never have considered for issues in your personal or work time, and creating serious change in your life without feeling like you’re exhausting your willpower every second of every day.

If you do not have any experience of NLP please take a moment to have a look at the 'What difference NLP makes to you' and 'NLP principles and how it works' pages on this link (http://www.beyondnlptraining.com/nlp-overview/)

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The Power Of NLP For You

Union Jack Club

Please ensure that you go to http://powerofnlpforyou.beyondtrainingsolutions.com/ to book your place. Please note that just RSVPing to this email will not secure your place. This is a completely free event! Experience how learning the skills of Neuro-Linguistic Programming can make the difference that makes the difference in your life! Join global quality NLP trainers Andy Coley and Jo Wilson for a special day of learning, realisation, support and fun as you experience how NLP can have a major impact on your confidence, self-belief, relationships, personal growth and ability to achieve what you want from your life. Jo and Andy are so passionate about helping as many people as possible experience the same impact experienced by the 1000's of people who have attended their NLP trainings that they are gifting you this day's event completely for free! If you answer 'Yes' to any of these questions then this special event will give you the chance to see how Neuro-Linguistic Programming could be the answer you have been searching for and why Jo and Andy's training and support surpasses all others you have come across before! Have you heard about NLP but never experienced it yourself and maybe been curious (or even had some doubts) as to how it could impact your life? Are you feeling a bit stuck or trapped at the moment and not sure what the next steps should be? Do you feel that, maybe, you are not fulfilling your potential? Do you recognise that you let other people affect how you feel and find their energy draining you? Have you had enough of being held back by fear, doubt or lack of confidence? Do you want some time 'out of the office' to spend some time concentrating on what you want? Do you want to enjoy what you do in your future? Is helping others also important to you and you are interested in how NLP could add to your skills? Do you want to improve the relationships that are important to you? During the day you will: Learn how to protect yourself from the draining and toxic effects of others Understand how the stories you are telling yourself are keeping you stuck, or stopping you achieving the things you want to achieve See how you can distinguish the facts from the limiting beliefs that you have been given over the years and how you can use the Power of NLP to let go of those old beliefs and take on new empowering ones going forward · Experience how to know who you really are, plus how to project this new identity, so that you can attract the things you want in life Hear how NLP enables you to have choice over how you view the obstacles in life that can sometimes get in your way and how this choice enables you to have the means to easily overcome those obstacles · Understand some key ways you can improve your important relationships Connect with the impact learning NLP can have on your personal and professional life and the lives of those who are important to you PLEASE GO TO THE FOLLOWING PAGE TO BOOK YOUR PLACE: http://powerofnlpforyou.beyondtrainingsolutions.com/

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