TMRW "Ask me Anything" Session | Ankur Shah - Founder Mahabis



We’re super excited to welcome Ankur Shah, serial entrepreneur and most famous for founding award-winning lifestyle brand Mahabis for our no-BS “Ask Me Anything” session - see below.

Ankur has built a number of multi-million-pound businesses from the ground-up over the past decade. A former criminal barrister by profession, previous businesses have included Techlightenment, a pioneer in social media during the industry’s nascent stages which was sold to Experian in 2011. More recently he founded Mahabis, a multi-award-winning lifestyle brand that famously sold a million pairs of shoes to over 100 countries in a little over 4 years, generating over $80m in revenue in the process.

His recent advisory work has included a leading national sports body, an internationally renowned university and a number of fast-growth companies across a variety of sectors.

Ankur and his work are regularly profiled in both the domestic and international press and he often speaks at a range of industry events.

ASK ME ANYTHING at TMRW - what's that?
As the name implies, here at TMRW we’re big on real entrepreneurs, real stories and experiences; we believe that one learns way more from others' mistakes and near-misses than from the media's sugar coated fairy tales.

We also meet outstanding people (entrepreneurs, investors, activators and networkers, companies) who, usually, are massively successful, and they too keep a low profile - signal, not noise.

So we keep our meetings small in size (strictly first come first served, don't moan if the event's full, register now), intimate, no stage no lighting no glamour, and ask honest, no-BS questions. So bring your own and keep them short, focused and relevant.

Registration strictly required. Come and join us, meet other entrepreneurs and discuss the what/how/who of funding, growing and selling a massively successful startup.

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