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South Atlanta Yoga & Meditation is established to answer the extreme deficit of the awareness and availability of yoga and meditation in South Atlanta. For many years now people south of the great city of Atlanta have wondered why finding yoga and meditation locations are harder or non-existent in South Atlanta. Well, wonder no more.

The South Atlanta Yoga & Meditation Meetup Group will platform an opportunity for people to learn about and participate in the healing arts right in their own neighborhood. While our focus will be the South Atlanta communities the group in inclusive to all. That literally means around the world as we will facilitate virtual classes and methods for all to share in the awakened awareness.

If you have been looking to learn more about yoga and or meditation in a very practical way, We believe you will find this group is a good fit for you. We are professionals who operate with a spirit of excellence and integrity. Our focus is to educate and inspire. We promote peaceful practices that can be incorporated in your everyday life in a practical manner. We take the "woo-woo" out and keep the "you-you" in. Your practice will be fostered by your own awareness, relationship and your responsibility to offer your best self.

Joining the South Atlanta Yoga & Meditation movement you can connect with others and express, encourage and empower yourself and others.


Meetups for Classes, discussions, meditation, posture clinics, book readings, practice sessions, mix and mingle gatherings, virtual classes and practices, newsletters and more. We want our group to grow organically and allow its participants to share in the building of a consciousness that will inspire others to create the same. Our classes are help at the Yoga Hive Healing Arts Studio. Class cost for meet up members are $10.00. Meditation Class - donation based.

What can you expect? Great question.


Your own self-discovery to unfold beautifully as you participate and share with others in group classes.


Your level of discipline, patience and resourcefulness to increase.


Your stress, tension, tightness and "dis-ease" with the world to reduce.


Yourself to be open and receptive to all and ONLY that which is for your highest and greatest GOOD with having to compromise you, your beliefs or your character.

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My Yoga Works

Yoga Hive Healing Arts Studio


My Yoga Works and yours will too. Practice, practice, practice....find the time for your practical approach to getting your postures to work for you and with you. Learning the techniques that support your body type will create a meaningful practice that will follow you home. Listening with the inner ear. Your heart. Finding and Feeling your way through your body is your willingness to do your work.

Adaptable Yoga - Yoga that's right for you.

Yoga Hive Healing Arts Studio


While the kids are away....let the mommies play, No kids? Hey no worries, you can have your yoga then eat and shop with no rush!!! This morning class is a get break from the monotony at work. Just enough for you to not feel exhausted when you return. Get it done early and enjoy your late evenings or maybe come back for more at 6:30 p.m.

Yoga Stretch and Balance

Yoga Hive Healing Arts Studio


Yoga Stretch and Balance This class introduces fundamental principles of alignment and breath work with postures linked together by the breath, emphasizing the relationship created with the body when tension is released. If you have hesitated to try yoga due to stiffness or other reasons, this is the class for you! The classes are appropriately paced for both beginning and continuing students. The emphasis is on learning how to ask your body for assistance and how to receive it. Practicing postures that offers the body balance is priceless. This class is pace accordingly to the participating student during each class. Primary Stretch & Balance Class

Yoga Detox - More Power Yoga

Yoga Hive Healing Arts Studio


The Fall/Winter season is upon us and we are into the "Yin" energy time. The Yin energy characteristics are; Rest, Structure, Contracting,Inward, Front of body, Solid organs, Earth, Night, Cold/Cool, Moist and lf . In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Fall is associated with the lungs and large intestine organ systems, which govern the respiratory and elimination function of the body. The lungs accept oxygen and later release it as carbon dioxide. The large intestine is responsible for absorption of water and excretion of solid waste. These organs characteristics are all about taking in and letting go. They are the teachers and we invite them to teach us how to be in this Fall space of gathering and preserving. Our primarily work is to activate the cardiovascular, respiratory and lymphatic system. We maintain a focus on cultivating preserving the chi in the body and bringing strength, flexibility and range of motion to the body and mind . We will use our tools and props to facilitate our practice. Enjoy the rewards of a tranquil meditative relaxing savasana to end your practice for the evening.

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Hive Healing Arts Studio


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