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*Due to COVID-19, all classes are held outdoors & online till further notice.

South Bay Yoga Lovers was created to build community & inspire each other through yoga, fitness and healthy living. No experience necessary and all levels are welcome. Let's open our bodies, hearts and minds through movement, breath, and meditation. The hardest part is showing up! You will feel fantastic after!

Hope you'll get to come take advantage of the current new student specials while they last.
30 days for $30 (5 classes Max outdoors or livestream) or 1st week for $10 (unlimited online classes).

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We're looking forward to meeting you in person! Have a great day!

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About the studio:

We're more than just a yoga studio...

We are committed to building a healthy and happy community through a variety of yoga, fitness, wellness classes & fun workshops. All while giving back (http://www.soulfitnessla.com/giving/) to the community. Our mission is to provide a serene, safe, and welcoming space where students can explore their own positive transformation. Let's create a harmonious balance between body, mind and spirit together.

Our purpose:

Our purpose on this planet is to serve and help others.

The studio is built on the principle of Dana, which means the act of giving. Soul Fitness is an environment where students can practice yoga while giving back to the world. We are committed to allocating portion of the studio’s revenue as well as our time volunteering to local and international non profits & communities.


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Outdoor Yoga : South Redondo Beach (Morning Yoga Flow)

Redondo Beach


Please register to class here: www.soulfitnessla.com/schedule . You will be able to sign a waiver and pay for the class. Remember to Opt-In for emails to receive a confirmation email with location details in South Redondo Beach. You can take advantage of the new student specials: 30 days for $30 (5 classes). That's only $6/class! Outdoor or Livestream. Breath in fresh ocean air and enjoy this beautiful weather as you practice yoga. Time: Arrive early to park and walk over to the location. We will start and end the class on time. Location: Text or email for the details. Phone :[masked] Email: [masked] Payment: $19 Method: Pay via www.soulfitnessla.com or Venmo : @SoulFitnessLA You will need: Yoga mat or a blanket, water to drink & towel for sweat. Bring a sweater & a sun hat just in case. Safety: We'll only allow limited number of students to keep the group small. We'll be more than 6 feet apart. Masks are required before and after class, optional during practice. About the class: Yogic texts say the morning is the best time to practice yoga, so come enjoy this fun morning class combining the best of Hatha + Vinyasa Flow to tackle your day with greater focus and energy. Class begins gently, easing you into the active portion of your practice where you start to feel invigorated and sweat from building up body heat. This flow is filled with yoga postures to wake up the body and spirit alike. Learn ways to increase strength and endurance with Morning Yoga Flow, and nudge the boundaries of your balance and flexibility!

Guided Meditation *FREE! (All Levels) - Livestream

Online event

*All are welcome! If you would like and are able to you can venmo a donation to the studio to keep the classes going. Venmo : @SoulFitnessLA Great for beginners or long time practitioners. Expect some guidance, breath awareness, discussion & ending with loving kindness meditation. Practice is designed to cultivate mindfulness. Few scientific benefits of meditation : 1) Helps decrease depression, stress and anxiety. 2) Improves focus, attention, and ability to work under stress and/or distractions. 3) Builds mental strength to improve and facilitate learning, improves rapid memory recall, focuses self-awareness and emotional intelligence. *76 scientific benefits of meditation here: http://liveanddare.com/benefits-of-meditation/

Hatha Yoga (All Levels) - Livestream

Online event


One week of unlimited yoga for only $10 or less than $2/day for the month! https://www.soulfitnessla.com/schedule/ *You can pay through above link or venmo: @SoulfitnessLA Gentle introduction to basic yoga postures. Slower pace class that spends a few extra deep breaths in postures to allow your body to open up slowly. You will leave the class feeling longer, limber, and more relaxed. You will need: a yoga mat, water & towel. Some hatha yoga classes may use a block, strap and a bolster/firm pillow. Benefits: improve flexibility and muscle joint mobility i.e. bad knees; correct posture, strengthen the spine and ease back pain i.e. swayback and scoliosis; improve muscular-skeletal conditions to loosen tight shoulders and neck; increase stamina and reduce stress.

Yin/Restorative Yoga (Beginner/All Levels) - Livestream

Online event


One week of unlimited yoga for only $10 or Less than $2/day for the month! https://www.soulfitnessla.com/schedule/ *You can pay through above link or venmo: @SoulfitnessLA Yin/Restorative yoga is an art of slowing down and relaxing deeply. Yin yoga utilizes yoga poses to compress the body and tap into acupressure points and meridians to reach down deep into the connective tissues and inner organs. This practice helps to nourish and awaken the subtle energy in one's body (chi) and move beyond the muscles. In a Yin Yoga class, students will typically hold poses for 3-5 minutes in order to be fully immersed in the breath, completely relax into the shape, and explore the “felt-sense” skill. Props are utilized to support your body instead of relying solely on your muscles so this class is great for beginners and those who are looking for a gentle, relaxing, and stretchy practice. All levels are welcome as this restorative class provides a much needed decelerated yoga experience and are an excellent complement to the more active yoga practices. Key benefits of a regular practice: Balance the nervous system Boost the immune system Reduce stress and anxiety Increase circulation Improve flexibility Enhance mood states Deeply relax the body Greater joint mobility Improve capacity for healing Bring balance to the internal organs Stillness calms and balances both mind and body Improve flow of chi or prana through meridian stimulation

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