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Yin/Restorative Yoga- Art of slowing down to relax deeply!

Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural organic essential oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being, which will be incorporated into the class to help you relax and rejuvenate at the same time

About Yin Yoga: Yin utilizes yoga poses to compress the body and tap into acupressure points and meridians to reach down deep into the connective tissues and inner organs. This practice helps to nourish and awaken the subtle energy body (chi) and move beyond the muscles. This meditative and expansive practice is slow-moving and close to the ground. In a Yin Yoga class, we will typically hold poses for 3-5 minutes, allowing you to immerse in your breath, completely relax into the shape, and explore the “felt-sense” of your yoga experience. This class is great for beginners and those who are looking for a gentle, relaxing, and stretchy practice. All students are welcome and no prior yoga experience is required.
During long holds in restorative yoga, your muscles relax deeply. It's a completely different feeling from other types of yoga classes since props are used to support your body instead of your muscles. Restorative classes are very mellow, making them a good complement to more active practices and an excellent antidote to stress.

Key benefits of a regular practice:
Balances the nervous system
Boosts the immune system
Stress and anxiety reduction.
Increased circulation.
Improved flexibility.
Enhances mood states
Deeply relaxes the body
Improves capacity for healing and balancing
Greater joint mobility.
Stillness: calms and balances the mind and body.
Balance to the internal organs and improved flow of chi or prana through meridian stimulation