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Going through fertility troubles was extremely challenging and emotional. We would really like to create an environment that supports, educates, and just talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. We hope to gather members and create a comfortable environment with regular meetings. Come join!

Meetup Rules

1. Compassion. There's no 1st place in the pain olympics. Everyone's infertility journey is different, some may be in different places in their journey, or have been here less or more time. We welcome all perspectives, whether you are trying naturally, doing IUI or IVF, thinking about surrogacy or donor, weighing adoption, or are single or LGBTQ. Let’s support each other!

2. Honesty. You may want to share some or all of your journey and that is ok, but please understand that this is a safe place and we share confidential information. If you have a part of your journey you are not comfortable sharing, that is ok! But please do not lie or knowingly mislead to "cover up" any potentially sensitive news or successes. It breaks the circle of trust.

3. Pregnancy announcements. This is why we are all here, right? Infertility doesn't end with a positive test. We welcome our members whose treatment has turned into a success, and we love to hear about it. We do ask that you remember this is sensitive news to hear so please remember to keep the "surprises" or cutesy announcements for friends and family. (For members currently pregnant who still would like some continued support, some of our Meetup alumni are thinking about starting up an Infertility Babies group soon - keep posted. Family Wellness Tree in Los Gatos also runs a pregnancy after infertility support group that meets once a month - check out https://www.familytreewellness.org/groups ).

4. Confidentiality. Some of us are very private, and some of us are an open book. However, we should feel safe knowing that information shared in the Meetup group is confidential.

5. First timers + meetings. If this is your first time joining us in a meetup, then welcome! We ask that you try to arrive on time for your first meeting so we can introduce you and you can get an idea of how the meetings work.

6. Solicitations and Research Participation. This group is for giving and receiving support. Please do not use this as an opportunity to solicit your business or research participation. If you feel that there is something you would like to bring to the group that may be considered solicitation, please contact the group organizer first.

7. Participation. Look, we get it, some days you want to talk about every feeling you have and your plan of action for your journey. Some days you want to do anything BUT talk about it. We ask that you join in on discussions and participate if you can. We love hearing from you, and that’s the best way to give and receive support. We are a peer-led group, and the best way to get support is to provide support to others.

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