Virtual Event - Vegan T-shirt Day

This is a past event

Every 1st Saturday of the month

Needs a location


Hello, all!

I'd like to invite everybody to a virtual event - it's vegan t-shirt day and it takes place wherever you are! The group page is at . Being in a smaller community, I think all of us wearing vegan/animal right apparel on the same day can make an even bigger difference.

If you aren't on Facebook the details are:

Vegan T-shirt Day is (always) just around the corner!

Started by Jonathan Balcombe (writer, activist, scientist, and public speaker on behalf of animals), the first Saturday of every month is VEGAN T-SHIRT DAY!

Ever heard of those successful “critical mass” events where bicyclists take to the streets to remind motorists that they don't own the road? Well, it's time we vegans launched a similar effort! Check out

Raise awareness as you go about your day - wear any vegan/animal rights message shirt to raise awareness for the animals! Or wear a button, sticker, etc!

After you wear your shirt that Saturday, if you want head over to the Facebook group (link above) and post a pic of you in your message shirt!

If you like this idea and want to raise awareness to help the animals, please SHARE it (and WEAR it!). You can forward the info to anyone you think may be interested - and let's spread the word!

See you at an event soon!

~ Stephanie

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