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Sampoorna YOGA includes live Drumming Meditation

Instructor: Rev. Sharon Rebekah Lynn, C.H.

Please arrive 5 minutes early so we can start our chanting together.

NOTE: (This class starts immediately following our Qigong class that is from 6:45-7:45pm, please see for more details about that class)

This class improves flexibility, strengthens and tones your entire body while also working on the muscles of the eyes and vocal cords. You will experience breathing exercises and final deep body relaxation accompanied by Shamanic Drumming.

$60 for 4 consecutive = $15 per class ~ sorry no refunds, the discount is to hold your space as it is limited.
or $20 for one class

Cash only please :)

Sampoorna yoga is the Yoga of fullness; it refines and purifies all aspects of the human personality so that the soul can shine forth in its divine splendor. According to Yoga philosophy, when we speak of the body, we are referring to 3 bodies, the physical, astral and causal body. This form of Yoga tones all systems of the 3 bodies. This is why at the end of a Sampoorna Yoga session you will feel relaxed, recharged and happy. (quote by Yogi Hari) my amazing guru.

Please RSVP here, this class is posted in many places, if you don't see any RSVP's the class will still be held. Please call (561-271-7245) if you want to verify or for questions.

Sharon has a Private Practice at Russell Chiropractic Center in Delray Beach, Florida.
Her 16 year practice includes: REIKI, Hypnosis, Divine Alignments, Chakra and Energy Work Sessions.

Her workshops and classes include: Yoga, Reiki, Belly Dance, Qigong, Shamanic Journeys, Sacred Geometry Flower of Life and Merkaba, Chakra ~ Breath ~ Trance Dance, Meditations, Psychic Development, Channeling, Past Life Regression and more. She creates new classes consistently utilizing many years of training in various modalities. Please check back frequently.

Young Living Essential Oils ~Available for sale and sessions

Sharon is the Owner of Ascensive Light, Inc. a "ONENESS" Community of Spiritual like minded Artists, Drummers and Dancers since 1998. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Metaphysician, Reiki Master and Professional Belly Dancer and Drummer.
Certified Instructor of Yoga, Qigong, Belly Dance, Sacred Merkaba, Flower Of Life Techniques and Metaphysics.

Her Goal: To assist and teach people to truly believe in themselves and help them regain the knowledge and connection of their higher self. With this reunion, re-opening their gateway to the creator and all that is as our higher self is already there and knows all.

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