The Media Cartel (i.e. Fake News) - Egg Harbor Township, NJ


You're Invited! (and it's free)

This presentation is a continuation of our last presentation on "The Insiders". That presentation identified the organizations and individuals moving us to a New World Order. This month we will connect these Insiders to the media. How they have huge influence over the mass media in order to control the opinions of the masses in order gain acceptance of their policies and to put their "puppets" in office to assist them.

Today, President Donald Trump calls out the "Fake News" while the mass media no longer pretends to report fairly. Many media outlets, and personalities, you have trusted in the past may not deserve that trust once you find out who is behind "The Big News."

You don't need to reserve a spot or even register here. Just show up. Seating begins at 6:30 pm and is limited to about 40-50 people...first come, first serve.

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