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Hundred-Dollar Hamburger Ride

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No, the hamburgers don't really cost $100! "Hundred-dollar hamburger" is aviation slang for a general aviation pilot needing an excuse to fly to an airport to have lunch, and incurring at least $100 in round-trip operation expenses. Hence, the term. On this ride we will be going to Sebring Airport, we'll have lunch at the Runway Cafe with a view of the planes taking off and landing. It will be longer than our typical rides with approximately 200 total miles on mostly country roads. This is a landmark steeped with significant history: During WWII this airport was the site of Hendricks Field, where entire crews were trained on the B-17 Flying Fortresses. What a terrific way to memorialize our service members, both past and present, who defended our freedom and pursuit of the hundred-dollar hamburger! JRs Runway Cafe at Sebring Regional Airport (