Pet Days at the Promenade - Come Join the Pet Parade!


We love a Parade! Especially when it is for a good cause. Our group has purchased some tickets for us to march in the parade with our little canine companions. Proceeds go to West Suburban Humane Society. Let's show our support of their cause to help animals in need.

They will also have a pet show/shopping it's not JUST a parade. The pet show/shopping begins earlier in the day, so you can come earlier, but those joining the parade can come meet us at a designated location when it is time.

BUT WAIT, there's more. We have also made reservations at a local restaurant patio for us to dine with our tiny canine companions - WOOF WOOF!

We would love to have you all participate. Let's make it fun and show that chihuahuas are AWESOME!

Each Chihuahua needs to have their own ticket, so RSVPs are required so that we can provide information on each chihuahua participating. WE ALREADY HAVE DONATED (PURCHASED TICKETS) ON BEHALF OF OUR GROUP - NO NEED FOR YOU TO PAY UNLESS YOU WANT TO DONATE TO THE SHELTER.

A few things:
~The parade line up begins at 5:30 p.m., so everyone should arrive early by 5pm or earlier (do a little shopping) to prepare with our group

~All chihuahuas must be leashed, preferably with a harness leash for safety

~No retractable leashes - EVER NEVER. Ever.

~Bring water/collapsible bowl for your dog. You should never share water bowls with dogs you are not familiar with. Good way to avoid a vet visit

~For your dog's safety, avoid face/nose contact with unknown dogs

~We have made a soft reservation for dinner/appetizers at a dog friendly location nearby. We will list the event separately

Here is the link -

There is also a Pet Days Event going on with other activities that runs throughout the day. The Pet Parade is its own event within the Pet Days Event at the Promenade. So you can choose to come earlier or stay later after the parade on your own.