Annual Christmas Potluck & Play Date 2019!


Annual Christmas Potluck & Play Date 2019!

We are looking forward to our annual Christmas Potluck! We always have so much fun!

Here's what we've planned:

~Doggie item/sweater exchange & Shelter Donations - bring any item (used or new) and pay any $ amount. All dollar donations go to dogs in need and unsold leftover items go to the fostered doggies/shelter. Bring it all, carriers, leashes, sweaters, things for little dogs, big dogs, cats too -- the more, the merrier.

~Doggie Treats

~Music & Good Cheer

~Food (please bring a dog safe tasty treat) & Soft Drinks

IMPORTANT: When you RSVP please let us know if you plan on bringing something in the comments section (this will avoid duplicates). You are welcome to bring a dish.

Please do not bring anything that is harmful to dogs if it were to fall on the floor (chocolate, grapes, macadamia nuts, raisins, etc.)

A few things for your Chihuahua's health & safety:

~We always have fresh water available
~If you bring a treat, always ask owners before feeding other Chihuahuas -allergies!
~Please skip the meet if your dog is ill, in heat or has had recent surgery
~Please wear a leash until inside the play area
~Please keep an eye on your chihuahuas at all times
~Please clean up after your chihuahua

What happens at the meet?
Basically, we stand around while the chihuahuas play 'with each other.' We do not force them to socialize, we let them manage this on their own. Most chihuahuas get along very well with each other. Most new chihuahua members are shy the first few meets - this is quite normal. After a while, most venture out on their own and make new friends! Some play, some sniff around, some just hang out and watch everyone else. They are all different.

REQUIRED --Please ensure your dogs go out before entering the facility. We had to pay for insurance, a rental fee, and deposit for space. All Chihuahuas are required to 'go' before they come inside to avoid any accidents. We want to make sure we don't get charged for cleanup costs. We hope everyone will honor this request and ensure your chihuahuas have gone outdoors and avoid using the venue as the bathroom. Also, dogs are not allowed at the adjoining park, so if your dog uses the parkway in front of the venue, please be sure to pick up after your dog. We do not want to be told we cannot come back due to our dogs leaving little 'gifts' behind. Thanks for understanding.