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SouthWest Virtual Reality Meetup #1

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Hey folks, It's the first ever SouthWest VR Meetup! If you've any interest in virtual reality and the Oculus Rift at all, come along and join us to socialise, play with some cool hardware and watch a couple of short talks.

We'll have Oculus Rifts, Razer Hydras and all sorts of stuff people will be bringing along. We even have a DK2!

Sam Watts of Tammeka Games is coming to demo the ultra-fantastic, high-octane futuristic racer Radial G. This Palmer Luckey-approved game proves you can spin and speed without a case of the dreaded sim sick. Grab a go if you’ve not had chance, you’re in for a treat, and for the love of all things VR - back the Kickstarter - ­

Also joining us is Nick Pittom of Fire Panda, creator of the nothing less than magical Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro demos, prompters of many a conversation on interactive VR cinema. Nick’s also been at the Kickstarter, crowdfunding an experimental game/trip: “RedOfPaw's Big Crazy Stupid VR Adventure and American Pie”. Have a looksee and show Nick some support - ­

Guest speakers include Toxic Games, who recently released a Director's Cut of their fantastic first person puzzler Q.U.B.E that includes support for the Oculus Rift. They'll be here to talk about the trials and tribulations of adapting the game and to give you the chance to experience the game with a Rift.

For more on Toxic Games and Q.U.B.E., which is currently 50% off in the Steam Summer Sale check out the links below:

Liviu Berechet Antoni will be joining us to show us his impressive open source 3D printed VR HMD Altergaze, which makes use of the capabilities of standard smartphones.

The company sought crowdfunding through Kickstarter originally, raising just under £32,000 and has taken the approach of reaching out to various partners to 3D print its product.

Any Altergaze customer can customise their HMD with a tool on the company's website. Companies seeking to employ the device as a promotional or functional tool can also create entirely bespoke models to suit their branding.
For more information on Altergaze, check out the following links:

Some drinks will be provided but once they're gone, they're gone (there's a bar downstairs though, don't worry).

Talks and demonstrations will start around 7, with hands-on time and drinking to follow shortly after.