What we're about

This group is for anyone with an interest in food and drink, wine and dining and the general socialising that comes with it. The group was started to meet other food and drink enthusiasts and to explore the many fine restaurants our beloved city and neighbouring towns and villages has to offer.

Both evening and lunchtime events are offered here, sometimes in collaboration with other meet up groups in the area.

As the meet up group evolves I am hoping to be able to add more event organisers thus offering more dining choices for the members. I see no problem with more than 1 event on the same day as different venues may appeal to different members.

So please, If anybody would like to volunteer as an event organiser then I would love to hear from youl. The role involves booking a restaurant of YOUR choice, posting it on here and then perhaps ringing the restaurant later to confirm numbers. You will then of course be host for that event.

Please note, we are very friendly here and I for one appreciate it can be a little daunting going on your first meet up. Believe me though once you go on your first meet up you won't look back.

Bon Appetit. Xxx

Past events (120)

Lets meet for a curry buffet lunch at Bayleaf Kitchen

Needs a location

Short Notice Blue Jasmine lunch

Blue Jasmine

Steak Night!

Rancho Steak House & Lounge Bar

Dinner @ Banana Wharf

Banana Wharf Ocean Village

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