• Soap making

    Brian's house

    Even in a survival situation you still need good hygiene to stay healthy. Come on out for a demonstration on how to make soap. The instructions will be making soap and Fielding questions so bring your pen and notebook and if you have eye protection bring that too if not the group has some eye protection to lend out. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email or Meetup. Hope to see you there!

  • Tiny house raising

    Keely's Farm

    Come on out and give us a hand building a tiny house no building experience is necessary if you have building experience that's great then bring along your tools and lets get busy. We will be helping the Keely's daughter get her tiny house together the walls and trusses will be built already all we will be doing is raising the walls and putting on the roof. Possibly other tasks like windows and doors depending on what we can accomplish. This is a great opportunity for those without building experience to get your hands dirty and pick up some skills using power equipment and building skills. What to bring: Tools: general building tools if you don't have any don't worry i'm sure there will be enough to go around Dress for work: sturdy boots and long pants Lunch will be provided by the Keely's. Hope to see you there! if you have any questions please feel free to contact Brian or Stacy via meetup messenger

  • Dry canning and Solar minimum cycle

    524 Hain Rd

    Come on out and learn and share your knowledge of dry canning. We will go over how to dry can pasta, rice, beans and flour not sure maybe other dry goods. Also have a discussion on the topic of Solar minimum, the cycle of the sun and the effect of the earth. If you should have and questions please feel free to call me at[masked] Thanks and see you there.

  • Canning Party

    Keely's Farm

    Want to learn to can fresh veggies and fruits? Here's the deal, you bring 3 to 5 pounds of what you have grown in your garden or buy from the local produce stand (please no produce or vegtables with a wax coating) along with a recipe for the produce to can (there will be recipes available at the event too) also the spices required for the recipe and if you have pint or quart canning jars and lids bring them ( there will be limited amount of jars available) The group will provide limited jars and lids 3 water bathing canners and 1 pressure canner, all stoves, propane, tables, shelters (easy ups) and portable sink. We all will process the goodies (cutting, chopping, coring, cooking ETC) then process the goodies for canning. Once everything is processed we will split up the bounty equally so that everyone that brought a food item to the event will leave with many different food items and not with just the item you brought to the table so if you bought tomatoes and others brought beans, zucchini, okra ETC you will leave with at least one jar of every good processed that day. If you need help with a recipe you can go to Ball website http://www.freshpreserving.com/recipes.aspx There are a lot of great recipes there! Questions?? Feel free to contact me at[masked] or email anytime! Hope to see you there it should be a great time!

  • Fall campout

    Keely's Farm

    Come on out for a weekend of fun, learning and spending time with like minded people. These campouts are geared for everyone, from the first timer to the seasoned vet.