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• What we'll do
I think the itinerary for the weekend should shape up like this:

Activities will be focused around build the bridge. To build the bridge we will need rope. Friday night we can learn cordage.

We will need some large straight trees. Im think 5 to 6 diameter at the base. They aren't going to be easy to find. We will need to break up into teams to search the property. Then we will have to tell the group where they are. So, Saturday morning we can learn about using compasses so we can shoot an azimuth to the trees. We might also need to use a Kochanski Flip Flop winch. That will be fun too!

Once we have located the materials, we need many branches if smaller trees to use as planks. That means sharp implements. Let's them take time in the afternoon to learn blade sharpening.

The evening will be reserved for actually building the bridge. We will learn some lashing techniques.

Sunday morning we will be able to easily get water from the stream. What do you do with water besides drink it? Make Pottage! So we finish up the weekend learning to eat the weeds!

• What to bring

Please view this page for common items you may want.

Bring portable saws, large knives, and/or hatchets/axes.

• Important to know
All our camping events are on private land. That means we need to be considerate of our hosts. Please be sure to take away any trash that you generate.