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    Joined Jan 16, 2016
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    I'm actually a vegetable and can tell you about my brothers and sisters.
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    Hunting, trapping, fishing, Cub & boy scouts, Order of the Arrow, Army Infantry and Armor, Hiking, back packing, biodiesel and Veg oil production, Solar heating, photovoltaic assembly, small scale poultry raising, gardening and farming. A do-it-all
  • Co-organizer, Zee man
    Joined Jul 2, 2013
    At 55 years of age I'm eager to meet folks to share skills with. Not only survival and bushcrafting, but also homesteading. As a professional with hearth products, fire is a specialty. I love this group for the ease of making lasting friendships.
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    My family lives on a farm, camps and kayaks so we love learning more about bushcraft and survival skills.
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    Looking forward to future events, learning new skills and getting outside more often.
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    Hi I'm 45 and love the outdoors. I trained in bando for 25 years. I hope I have something to offer in this group. Have hunted and fished most of my life.
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    Hey. I live just outside Reading, PA. Love the outdoors. Love that this group has started and that others in the area are interested.
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    Hi! My name is Brian and I've been interested in wilderness survival and bushcraft since I was a child starting out at a very young age. I try to get out at least once a month to practice my skills and to try new skills. Thanks for reading