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Less than two years ago Southern Arizona Preppers (SAP) began in a small back room of a Library and has now grown to over 370 members. This is much more than most of us expected and we have met many interesting and diverse people at our monthly meetings.
The original concept for our group was simple: to have monthly meetings that are open to members and guests with discussions on various topics of interest that would encourage a sharing of knowledge and foster networking.
It was hoped that smaller private groups would form. These smaller groups may then develop into core nucleus groups that might actually be able to help each other survive together, at some point.

Now that the membership has grown so much, it has become necessary to review our original intentions and go back to some basics. First, some definitions for the benefit of all:
Open Meeting - General meeting once a month, open to new members. Guests welcome!

Member - A person who has signed up on the Meet Up group and then registered on


RSVP Board - Where members can go to see when and where the next SAP General open monthly meeting will be held, and what the topic will be. Also any event or

class that is sponsored by SAP.

Discussions - General conversation blog for all members.

Anyone who has info to share about a class or who is hosting a class

may post it.
No private meetings posted here.

Private Group - any other groups, ie: Pods, Clusters, Cells, etc.

We encourage everyone to participate in the monthly SAP meetings so you can take advantage of the wealth of information and knowledge that is available through all of our current members and the new members we hope to meet. We also encourage everyone to continue creating smaller private groups and having get togethers!
If you wish to invite other members to attend a private get together or a class that you are hosting we will have a time during the monthly SAP meeting to make such announcements.
We hope this will serve to clarify to everyone what SAP offers and what options are available to members who wish to further their new found friendships and interests.

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