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The Noble History of Afternoon Tea

The luxurious ritual of Afternoon Tea was established in 1840 by Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford, who served it to ward off hunger pangs in the long hours between lunch and dinner. Her personal indulgence grew into an experience to be shared with her friends, and soon a tradition was born.

Acknowledged as one of the most elegant and sophisticated of dining occasions, the first Afternoon Tea at The Langham, London, was served in the Salle À Manger, or general dining room, for the princely sum of 1 shilling 6 pence. Billed as Teas, Plain, the first Afternoon Tea consisted of simple but dainty items including cakes, sweets, bread and butter and, of course, tea.

In 1865, The Langham, London was Europe’s first grand luxury hotel to serve Afternoon Tea. It is a Langham brand signature, called Tiffin at The Langham, and it is served at every Langham Hotel around the world to celebrate the stately ritual and timeless tradition.

We wish you a most memorable tea with us today.

Traditional “Tiffin at The Langham” Tea _


Three Teas Selected for this Tea:

1)Assam Gold Leaf

This rich and malty selection from a renowned Assam estate displays slight nutty sweetness and a hint of wine notes

with exquisite balanced strength. Enjoy an infusion of rich amber leaves that flourish in the shaded valleys of the

Himalaya range.

2) Green Tea Passion

Enjoy a fragrant blend of delicate green teas from Japan, China and Taiwan, accented by tropical fruits, including guava,

pineapple, and strawberry.

Healthy, soothing and refreshing.

3) Ginger Twist

A blend of Australian ginger, orange and lemon slices, lemongrass, wintergreen mint, papaya, apple, ginseng and licorice. Ginger promotes focus and is a powerful antioxidant.

A selection of finger sandwiches such as:

Cucumber & Watercress

Mascarpone Mousse, Crispy Shallots, on Squaw Bread

Asian Pear on Potato Bread, Blue Cheese Mousse,

Toasted Pistachios Raspberry

Smoked Salmon Profiterole with Caramelized Shallot Caper Cream

Dill Sprig & Caviar

Ham & Egg, Proscuitto de Parma,

Green Onion, Red Pepper on Potato Peppercorn Bread

Watercress Pesto Marinated Caribbean Shrimp on

Herb Garlic Bread with Cilantro & Lemon Zest


Selection of warm scones with Devonshire clotted cream and lemon curd


A selection of French pastries and specialty sweets such as:

Checkerboard Cookie

Passion Apricot Cone

Crème Brulée Tart

French Macarons

Chocolate White Café Torte

Strawberry Pistachio Gateau

Chocolate Raspberry Financier Cupcake

Orange Cranberry Tea Bread