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Be Prepared.
A Natural or Man made Disaster, or worse! A doomsday scenario is unpredictable. It may never come. It may come tomorrow. And if it does come, it could take any one of an infinite number of forms. It’s impossible to prepare for everything, so the best you can do is prepare for the greatest number of possible events, and prepare yourself—mentally and physically—for the most demanding situations you can.

We welcome all: Regardless ethnicity, belief system, political views, education, socio-economic status, age, gender, physical limitations, or humor.

We intend to share: Skills, knowledge, experiences, and resources when practical.

Above all we recognize that in times of great need and the turmoil of a disastrous event. A select group of people always sally forth and are at their best as Human beings.

We will learn:

How to recognize risks associated with both urban life, events that are natural or man made

Preparing for the Big one on the San Andreas Fault, or a domestic breakdown. Floods, storms, alien invasion, or a zombie attack (Joke!)

Water, Food, Shelter, Protection, Survival networking

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