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Monday Plant Meditation
Start your week on the perfect note, with an hour of intensive focus on a single plant. We will begin with a short meditation, sipping tea and sitting in silence with the plant, letting it tell us what it wants to. Only then will we begin to unpack what we know about this plant: botany, history, chemistry, tradition, energetics, applications, we'll look at it all, we will taste and explore the common forms of the plant, and learn the best way: by direct experience. You'll go home with an ounce of dried, certified organic, sustainably grown or ethically wildcrafted tea to continue your explorations at home, along with a journal page for each plant, so that you can keep notes. A different plant each week (with an occasional week off for a holiday), 48 plants in the year--by the end of 2016, you will have amassed a significant amount of deep knowledge about these powerful and delightful plant allies. Come to a single class, come to a few chosen, come to all of them--it's completely up to you! Each class is $10, Buy a ten class card (good only for this class series) for $80. 2015 Calendar of Monday Plant Meditations: 1/4: Astragalus 1/11: Mullein 1/25: Thyme 2/1: Elder 2/8: Ginger 2/15: Damiana 2/22: Reishi 2/29: Dandelion 3/7: Nettle 3/14: Lemon Balm 3/21: Plantain 3/28: Burdock 4/4: Calendula 4/11: Juniper 4/18: Oat 4/25: Skullcap 5/2: Hawthorn 5/9: Chamomile 5/16: Peppermint 5/23: Ashwaganda 6/6: Linden 6/13: Yarrow 6/20: St John's Wort 6/27: Meadowsweet 7/11: Mugwort 7/18: Fenugreek 7/25: Lavender 8/1: Marshmallow 8/8: Basil 8/15: Red Clover 8/22: Passionflower 8/29: Barberry 9/12: Vervain 9/19: Goldenrod 9/26: Rhodiola 10/3: Angelica 10/10: Oregano 10/17: Rose 10/24: Sage 10/31: Rosemary 11/7: Sarsaparilla 11/14: Kava Kava 11/21: Turmeric 11/28: Garlic 12/5: Echinacea 12/12: Coltsfoot 12/19: Cinnamon

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Events, workshops, classes, walks, festivals, barters, schools, practitioners, gardeners, foragers, makers--did I miss a category? This group grew from a discussion that a few of us herbalists had, who teach and lead groups in the Southland, and always miss each other's events. And we were getting mighty grumpy about it. We decided that a Master Calendar was needed so that we could all see what each other is doing, and just maybe schedule our events so that they didn't overlap, allowing us to play together more often than we've been able to in the past. In addition, there are so many different venues to check on if you're a plant medicine enthusiast, that this will, hopefully, be a single place that you all can come to see what's happening in your area! If you fall into any of the above categories and would like to post an event on this page, you are more than welcome to. Please be mindful of the guidelines of the group and know that I have very few qualms about deleting an event that doesn't adhere to them. Non-herbal events will be deleted, and corporate product sales pitches, too, including any MLM information. Events should be in the Southern California area (although exactly where that region starts and stops can be a bit fuzzy. We are OK with fuzzy). If you have to drive more than 3 hours to get there, I'd say it isn't local. In addition, if you have, for example, bought a pound of raspberry leaf without realizing just how huge a pound of raspberry leaf IS, and you're looking to trade for it, maybe exchange 8 oz. of raspberry leaf for someone's gorgeous mint soap or lavender infused preserved lemons, then this is your place. There is a discussion list for bartering in the discussion list area. Or if you want to buy a case of 48 2-ounce jars from General Bottle Supply (because the price is amazingly good if you purchase in bulk!), and you're looking for someone to go in on it with you, then feel free to post that here, too! Get the picture? We are a community of wonderful people, and we want to grow that community, get more herbalists out there teaching and growing and making. Come play and learn with us and share what you do--there are folks right here who want to know!

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