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Sammasati : The Buddha Within - Meditation group with Pradeepa

Price: $199.00 /per person

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About Pradeepa

Pradeepa took sannyas in 1975, and was asked by Osho to start the Vipassana retreats when the Multiversity was initiated at the end of that year. She had previously been sitting in Vipassana in England, Sri Lanka and India. A year later, Osho asked her to also start Zazen retreats.

After the Multiversity divided into faculties, Pradeepa became co-director of the Meditation Academy. and as a meditation group leader she had ample opportunity to personally receive Osho’s guidance on different aspects of meditation. Over the years, Osho began to direct people to Pradeepa when they had questions on meditation.

Osho gives zen stick to Pradeepa

Since the 70’s, Pradeepa began creating many diverse meditation groups and trainings, continually adjusting the flavour and content, as the experience of sharing with so many friends continued to grow.

Meditation is not only sitting practice, but also the way in which life is lived, so she created some extra structures and games to deepen the watching as simply and easily as possible.

Pradeepa was a medium for Osho during the energy darshan’s in the 70’s and organized the mediums in the 90’s.

She has offered meditations in Pune, all over Europe, , Mexico and the United States. She became known for her love, meditation and sense of humour.

Sammasati - The Buddha Within

This was the last meditation group Osho asked for, before leaving the body.

This workshop is based on the three essences of meditation.

1) RELAXATION.which has always helped us remember--even enlightenment is only something we have forgotten.There will be guided meditations ,with voice, Osho's words, music and silence.

2) Developing a NON- JUDGMENTAL mind,is often quite hilarious,
bringing more awareness to all the commentary, opinions and attitudes that we carry around! This part is interactive, using structures to make the judgements and moralistic attitudes more visible, and less unconscious or hidden.

3) WATCHFULLNESS will be an increasing theme throughout the process. To create a healthy balance,we will be having daily vipassana practise, both sitting and walking. Osho said that those who have done Vipassana should do Sammasati, suggesting that the two groups could support each other.People should do both, starting with either!

“Sammasati says there is nothing to achieve, and there is nothing to become,you are already that which you have been seeking all your lives in different ways, on different paths. But you have never looked inwards. Look in, and whenever you have time, you know the path. Just go again and again to the inner space so that your fear of disappearing is dropped,and you start enjoying being nobody, and you start remembering the forgotten language o. Sammasati..." Osho: The Zen Manifesto.

Cost -$199 for meditation and food. If you plan to stay at the retreat center, the cost is $70 per person per night in a double occupancy room. Single occupancy rooms can be provided at additional cost. Please contact us if you need single occupancy room.


As with any events, here are some guidelines that will help you to get the best out of the retreat:

- Please feel free to bring any yoga mats or pillows if you have any favorites although some comfortable meditation chairs will be provided.

- Meditations involve sitting, dancing and lying down so it is suggested that you wear loose clothes. Most people prefer robes or similar clothing. Maroon or similar colored clothes during the morning and afternoon sessions and white clothes during the evening Satsang/celebration are preferred.

- Since the event will be full of activities, it is suggested that you take plenty of rest before the event.

- Please refrain from using cell phones during the event.

- In consideration of people with sensitivities, please kindly refrain from using strong perfumes and other similar fragrances during the retreat.

- We plan to do each session at the allocated time, so plan to be at the Meditation Hall 5-10 mins earlier than the scheduled time.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this event.