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Tech is the only way to level the playing field when competing against the titans of the Gig Economy. To stay on the cutting edge, our meetups bring together like minded business minds to collaborate, to network and to find new perspectives on how to stay at the front of the pack. From process improvement, to outsourcing, to artificial intelligence to profit optimization, our meetups will give you access to a peer group that believes deeply in the power of the business mastermind group!

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Get A.I. Ready - Las Vegas

Power Team ISC Center

oday’s economy is rapidly becoming an A.I. economy Getting started with A.I. requires a commitment to creating a data-centric culture, educating leaders and investing in technology. Getting A.I. ready will move us closer to the cutting edge, where many of our competitors are today. For many businesses there are 3 things that cause us all pain, Dirty Data, Manual Processes, and Outdated Information. To address these pain points, we will develop an A.I. framework that we can use in our business and bring about massive success. Section 1 – Good Data Governance requires us to collect, store, access, and analyze our data in an orderly way. Additionally, A.I. is not a standalone software. A.I. is designed to be used as part of a well-organized system; to accomplish a set of tasks using algorithms. This allows us to use A.I. in three different areas of our business processes.  Data is the currency of an A.I. driven organization.  A.I. Process #1 - Augmentation  A.I. Process #2 - Automation  A.I. Process #3 - Machine Learning Learn more at: https://www.sonicanalytics.com/events/get-a-i-ready-las-vegas

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A.I. & Profit Optimization Lunch & Learn

Tom Ham's Lighthouse


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