What we're about

This group is geared to the outsiders. Artists, people with MH issues, rebels, gamers, board game players; nerdy, dorky, hippy, new age, bohemian, non-conformist types, who would prefer to be listening to Pink Floyd with candles vs. going to a happy hour at a restaurant. Sometimes they are shy. They prefer substance over superficility. Their RV is a van. They thrive on good conversations, authenticity, interesting experiences. They can have a wicked, dark sense of humor, sometimes are known for their sarcasm. They are smart. They are nonlinear. Get nuance. They like satire. In movies they laugh at all the inappropriate times. They oftentimes are loners, but don't feel lonley, just misunderstood sometimes. They like books. They want friends that get them, that support them, that they don't have to explain themselves too. They want to feel like part of a tribe where they belong.

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Show Opening - The Human Condition

McClain's Coffeehouse

Dinner at the Blind Rabbit

Needs a location

Informal Get-Together @ McClains Coffee Shop

McClain's Coffeehouse

Valentines Day Anti-Party


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