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Looking to find people in the Southern Indiana area interested in playing premium board and card games. I have a personal collection of around 100 board games, but little to no one to play with. Depending on interest, would like to meet once or twice a month, probably on Sundays. I'm in my late twenties with two toddlers; I have a decently sized gaming area, though there are public spaces we could look into occupying as well if preferred. Primarily located in the Austin / Scottsburg area.

Some games in my collection include: Deception, Sheriff of Nottingham, Pandemic, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Monikers, Zombicide: Black Plague, Chronicles of Crime, Munchkin, Skull, Cosmic Encounter, Mysterium, Quacks of Quendlinburg, Sushi Go, Spyfall

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Meet and Greet with Games!

Java Station 56

Alright so I've secured us a location at a local coffee house that offers a sectioned off area pictured above for events such as this. They do ask that in exchange for the space you purchase snacks and beverages from them. It is a luxury coffeehouse but it isn't anymore expensive then a Starbucks, and you dont have to buy anything; just dont bring any outside food or drinks. I've also penciled us in for the same space on the 23rd for a round two for anyone who can't make the 2nd. The space is reserved from 1:30 PM to 6:30 PM. They close at 7. The games at play are TBD as obviously I can't bring my entire collection to a coffee shop. I will probably post discussions with the possibilities. Also if anyone wants to bring a game of their own, please send me a message about which game you'd like to bring. I'd like to prevent anyone bringing the same game, or alternatively possibly set up having multiple copies of a game to run simultaneous plays. Games I do not have but would love to play if someone wanted to bring their copy: Great Western Trail, Gugong, Brass: Birmingham, Welcome To... Your Perfect Home On a final note, make sure you let me know how many people you are bringing, if any. I want to make sure we have a good 'game to people' ratio!

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