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Founded in November 2013, Southern Knights Motorcycle Club is a group of experienced bikers participating in organised rides to scenic spots along interesting and winding roads. Day rides up 150 miles, to longer weekend rides. Last year (2016) we did longer rides, the longest being 18 days to Europe, 12 countries and 4200 miles, but we don't currently have any rides schedule for 2017 that are longer than 2 days. We are strictly a social riding group, i.e. not affiliated in any way to regional motorcycle clubs or chapters, and are comprised of professional working folks who simply love to get out on the open road with friends. We require that members be in possession of a Category A licence, and have suitable motorcycles to keep up with the group on the various rides (must exceed 35kw), especially the longer tours where larger motors and fuel tanks are often needed to get to and from our destinations.

Membership of Southern Knights Motorcyle Club is subject to an approval system. It requires an annual membership fee of £12 which is administered by a club Treasurer and is used to cover club costs relating to administration, merchandising, logistics, etc. It is strictly not for profit and no member of the club derives any financial benefit or compensation from the club fees. A percentage of the club fees may be donated to a charitable cause each year. The club has a formal constitution.

If you have not been invited by an existing member to join the club and would like to become a Southern Knights member, please fill in the application form and put "Prospect" under the "Who invited you to join Southern Knights Social Riding Group?" question. You can then attend a ride or a social meet & greet event as a prospect, where Organisers of the club can meet you and approve your becoming a full member. Your annual fees will then be due, and upon payment you will become a full member of Southern Knights Motorcycle Club.

If you do sign up please make sure you put a profile picture up clearly showing your face so we can identify you when you attend a ride or social event.


Southern Knights SRG accepts no responsibility for the individual actions of any member of the club. By joining the club each member acknowledges that:

1) motorcycle related activities can be dangerous and accidents can causing death, bodily injury, disability and property damage can, and do, happen;

2) that they have adequate motorcycle insurance cover as required by UK law;

3) that their motorcycles are in a legal, roadworthy and safe condition; and

4) that they are entirely responsible for their own actions and behaviours whilst riding a motorcycle within the group.

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COPDOCK Motorcycle show

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PLACEHOLDER - Social meet.

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Southern Knights Santa Ride

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Birling Gap Picnic and Beechy Head

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