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The Southern New Hampshire RPG group is about Role playing games! Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shawowrun, and pretty much any other type of table top RPG. Our members are a broad base of new and veterans RPGers, from D&D 1st edition, to 3.5, to the current edition. Our goal is to help people from the southern NH area, and certainly any one from northern Mass, and NH, find a game. We hope that our members will host/run events, and join existing games. We are always looking for members who are willing to meet new people, and join in on all of the fun we are having playing games.

We we are also looking for people who are interested in playing online RPG's and helping those people find a good group.

I moved to NH about 8 years ago, and since joining SNH RPG in January, I have played more D&D since moving up here. If you are looking for a game, or to run a game and cannot find players or a GM, this is the group for you.

Finally I want to express that we are not about any types of role playing that involves games of a sexual nature. I am sure there are other places for that, just be aware that this is not that place.

Welcome gamers, Welcome!


Please connect with us at our following locations if you are a Gamer. Looking for fun online or in your local area with Gaming, not just Dungeons & Dragons, anything that is related to Gaming is something we do. Connecting each other in a large community of Gamers who have the same interests, ideas, and fun.

Gaming doesn't matter who you are, what you look like. Judgement Free is a great area and if you don't feel like you fit in anywhere, welcome to 4GamerzByGamerz because everyone fits in no matter what. Many of us have had that feeling of uncertainty on where we fit in, well gaming opens that up for anyone.

You must be 18 years or older to join our Gaming Community.

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Primary Website(s)

Signup on our websites to find out on news, events, and updates on when the sites will be going live. We are in development and are on a 3 phase process. Currently phase 1 is just finishing up and will be moving into phase 2 by the end of May, 2017.

4GamerzByGamerz (https://4gamerzbygamerz.us)
Dungeons & Dragons Indoor Adventures (https://dnd.4GamerzbyGamerz.us)

"Gaming isn't just a Hobby it's a Community"


Upcoming events (5)

Online RPG games?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I have noticed several members are also interested in PC and/or console RPG games (single or multi-player). Are there enough interested to schedule a meetup of some sort, possibly to pick an on-line game to join/try-out, or to find others already playing the same games. To discuss game play on different consoles or servers. Any other ideas?

Superhero RPG
Needs a date and time


I'm looking to put together a weekly superhero game Friday nights at 10pm. Choose your power, form a super team and take on the forces of evil. Or become evil. Or whatever really, it's an RPG, you decide. Have 2 players already, looking for 4-6 total.

Guild Wars 2
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Not so much as a meetup as to gauge some interest in GW2, the recent changes to the game and the upcoming expansion and maybe to get together in a guild.

GURPS or Hero System?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I'm kicking around the idea of running a series of one-offs, perhaps once a month. Each month I'd run a different genera - Fantasy, Space, Victorian, Superhero, Cyberpunk, Old West, Martial Arts. I want to use a generic game system for all these games so that regular players can become accustom to the rules and not have to learn a whole new game system each time they come to play. The two popular generic RPG systems are GURPS and Hero System. Which system do people prefer?

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D&D 5E Adventure at Relentless Dragon Londonderry

The Relentless Dragon Londonderry

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