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"Precision medicine requires a different type of clinical trial that focuses on individual, not average, responses to therapy." --from article entitled "Time for One-Person Trials," Nature, April 30, 2015, pp 609-611.

We are ordinary people on an extraordinary mission: to formally research ways to prevent and help treat chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes. Large-scale research costing vast amounts has has produced vague and contradictory advice about diet, exercise, stress, etc. Paradoxically, single-subject research is now recognized even by large research establishments as being one of the most powerful new approaches in scientific inquiry.

We design rigorous n = 1 protocols to dissect how changes in our lifestyle affect us. We take measurements. We each use ourselves as our only subject.

We are citizen scientists, but we are serious. Some of us are licensed health professionals, others work outside the health professions. We are ready to take on the task of figuring out what makes us healthy, one person at a time. Members suport each other in efforts to do this individual work safely, enjoyably, and inexpensively.

Several members have explored dietary ketosis using finger-stick blood ketone meters. Others are interested in how high intensity exercise affects blood glucose levels. There is interest in home EEG monitoring, TDCS, and stress and cortisol levels.

At meetings you are likely to find devices like fitbits, ZEOs, Ketonix, Muse, reports from 23 and me, Athletigen, or uBiome, and plain old paper and pencil records, A member experiments only on him- or herself. All participation is voluntary.

We use the Quantified Self Show&Tell approach at meetings: stand up and present something you care about, take questions, and sit down. It is usually very fun. Come share what you are doing, and learn from others. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Movement tracking

Chemical load count changes

Microbiome logging (ubiome)

Personal genome sequencing (23 and me)


Metabolic monitoring Self experimentation

Behavior monitoring

Location tracking

Sleep tracking (Fitbit, ZEO, Beddit, etc.)

Mood tracking in relation to diet

Medical self-diagnostics

Of course, nothing on this page or at iMeRG meetings is to be construed as medical advice or treatment. Consult a qualified health professional if you need help with a medical condition.

Your hosts are Dawn, Emile, Mica, and David of the Rogue Hack Lab (http://www.meetup.com/Rogue-Hack-Lab/). To explore the mothership of QS, click here. (http://quantifiedself.com/about/)

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