Southern Sierra Goddess Gathering 2020 (SSGG5)

Southern Sierra Goddess Gathering
Southern Sierra Goddess Gathering
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Equinox Farms

1191 Via Encinos Dr · Fallbrook, CA

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Carpooling is encouraged due to limited number of parking spaces.

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You are invited to the 5th annual Southern Sierra Goddess Gathering, January 10, 11, & 12, 2020 in Fallbrook, CA.

Whether this is your first empowerment summit or a joyous reunion, we welcome you into our tribe!

Top 5 Benefits (results from past participant pole).
#2 Freedom of Self Expression
#3 Spiritual Awakening
#4 Innerstanding/Magic
#5 Business Networking

We are 21st century Goddesses and we call in all humans who desire to embody divine balance of masculine and feminine energy.

We are beekeepers, water protectors, litter fighters, humble servants of mother earth. We are lovers, healers, warriors, and equalizers. We continue the lineage of the Love Goddess; Goddess of 10,000 names who wears so many faces, yet reigns in every ancient culture across the globe. We gather to unite, remember, and inspire.

We return to the planet at this time to bring sacred balance and divine union to our world. We work our magic through deep remembering, spiritual awakening, and sacred sisterhood. We empower all people to be whole and unique, to be individuals and part of the oneness.

Uncap your unlimited potential
Plug into your source energy and recharge
Pursue your undeniable powers
Unite with your tribe
Freely express your identity
Give yourself the opportunity to fulfill your truth
Choose what you truly desire
Explore your ecstatic feminine
Be brave and ask why

You deserve all the love and freedom that you want.

We will move, dance, sing, drum, bond, commune with nature, be in silence and delight in deep conversation. We will inhabit our bodies and embody the divine. We will eat and do ritual together. You will be able to choose from a variety of healing and interactive workshops, one on one sessions, and handmade products.

7 Gourmet, plant-based meals are included. You can camp onsite or come from nearby daily. Our goal is to be inclusive this year, more than we ever have been; to co-create with a diverse group of people, and up-level or own personal consciousness as well as the collective conscious.

At its foundation, Southern Sierra Goddess Gathering empowers living, breathing goddesses to get together every year to share our stories and wisdom... to grow from hearing each others' stories and the possibilities that come out of surrounding ourselves in such a loving and powerful space. Whether we are learning things such as the ancient history of women and drumming, or revealing our darkest deepest parts of ourselves in the circle, there is that sense of oneness that we are never alone. Now we are forever changed by our deep connection to all of these other powerhouses.

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW and limited to 44 total. We have less than 30 places remaining! Early bird tickets end Nov. 30th.

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