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Redwood National Park/North Coast

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Updated Schedule

Day 1: June 23We will leave Bakersfield and drive to Eureka California where will be spend the night in a hotel Sunday and Monday nights while we visit the Lost Coast and do a bit of sightseeing. Eureka is approximately 546 miles. We will take highway 101 and it should take us somewhere between 10 to 12 hours depending how long we stop for lunch, dinner, or do a bit of sightseeing…and…if we have time we will stop at Richardson Grove State Park near Garberville or Humboldt State Park Headquarters.

Day II: On Monday after breakfast we will visit the town of Ferndale where we will walk around the town and do a bit of sightseeing. Ferndale is a beautiful Victorian small village/town with quaint and interesting shops. Next we will drive to the Lost Coast where we will hike south on the beach for the afternoon before heading back to Eureka to spend the night. On the way back to Eureka, if time, we can do a bit of hiking in Humboldt State Park. Important note: If the Lost Coast is “socked in” all day in fog we will still go to Ferndale but will spend the day hiking in Humboldt State Park. There are numerous trails in Humboldt State Park including The Homestead/Big Tree Loop, Bull Creek Flats, Greig-French-Bell Grove, and Rockefeller Loop trails. These trails range from 10 to less than a mile long. If time allows we may take a stroll in Old Town Eureka in the late afternoon. And, if we do miss the Lost Coast due to weather, those who want to stay an extra day might try again at the end of the trip.

Lost Coast

Day III: Tuesday morning we will pack up and drive to Elk Prairie State Park Campground where we will stay for the next three days and nights, June 25th through June 27th. On our way to Elk Prairie we will make a few stops to Samoa Cookhouse for Breakfast, the beautiful coastal town of Trinidad, Patrick’s Point State Park, and Redwood National Park Visitors Center. Later that evening we will attend the Ranger/campfire program which is set in a beautiful amphitheater surrounded by Redwoods.

View from Patrick's Point

Day IV: Wednesday we will hike the Miner’s Ridge and James Irvine Loop hike which starts in our campground and ends at spectacular Fern Canyon. This is a 12 mile loop hike with an elevation gain of 1300 feet. This is considered one of the best redwood hikes in the world. The hike will take us through a variety of different environments which include a redwood-lined ridgetop, wide open undeveloped beach, lush creek valley and a canyon lined with ferns. This is a great hike!

Fern Canyon

Day V: Optional Day hikes. Our options include a short hike to Lady Bird Johnson Grove which is one of the finest Old Growth Redwood groves in Redwood National Park…West Ridge Trail which is a six mile loop hike along a creek through lush surroundings and old growth trees…The Brown Creek Loop trail which is a four mile loop hike through an exceptionally dense and lush old-growth redwood forest in a shallow ravine with a little brook…or…the Coastal Trail which starts near Fern Canyon and is an up and back trail along the coastline. Large herds of Roosevelt often frequent this area.

Elk Prairie

Days VI: Travel day. On Friday morning, June 28th, we will pack up and set up camp near Crescent City in Del Notre/Mill Creek State Park campground. During the next three days we will hike the Boy Scout Tree trail, Point George and Endert’s Beach trail, and “perhaps” take a day trip up the Oregon Coast if the weather is clear. The southern Oregon Coast is spectacular “if” it is sunny. On our way to our campground we will first stop at the Trees of Mystery. While the Trees of Mystery is a tourist trap it is worth stopping by to check out the giant display of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. Next, we will stop at the Klamath Overlook which is where the Klamath River dumps into the Pacific Ocean. On two previous occasions I have seen whales near the shore and if the weather is clear the views from the overlook are some of the best on the West Coast.

The Mouth of the Klamath River

Day VII: After breakfast we will hike the Boy Scout Trail which is an extraordinary out-and-back hike which proceeds through a variety of redwood environments, from a low-lying plain with a pure grove of ancient redwoods, to an upland environment with smaller trees, to a mixed-species forest dotted with monster redwoods. The drive to the trailhead, along a narrow dirt road that leads through superb old-growth redwoods, only adds to the mystique of the hike. This hike will be combined with a shorter hike to Stout Grove which is located in Jedediah Smith State Park. At the end of the day we will eat dinner in Crescent City…and…after dinner, if there is time, and it is “not” foggy, we will take a drive along the bluffs in Crescent City and take a short hike along the coast to St. George Point to watch the sunset.

View near Point George Crescent City

Day VIII: On our last day in the Redwoods I would like to suggest two options. The first option is to take a sightseeing trip to the Lighthouse in Crescent City which is one of the finest lighthouses on the West Coast. Battery Point Lighthouse and Museum is an active lighthouse that serves as a private aid to navigation. The Lighthouse was first lit with oil lamps on December 10, 1856. The Lighthouse is also an active residence with lighthouse keeper. The Lighthouse and its museum is open to the public for tours including opportunities to look into the personal quarters of keepers and their families and the furniture and artifacts they have left behind since the 1850's. Tours include a climb into the light tower. There are displays of many maritime artifacts, photographs and documents that chronicle its history. After going to the lighthouse we can than hike the Endert Beach trail and explore the coastline and the dense forest at the end of the trail.

Second option…”If” it is clear I suggest we take a leisurely drive up the Oregon Coast for the day. Crescent City is located only ten miles from the Oregon border and the drive along the southern Oregon Coast is “spectacular” on a clear day. There is much too see including numerous state parks along the way. I am also suggesting this day trip because next year I intend to propose a 10 day trip along the Oregon Coast which imo is the most spectacular coastline in the U.S.

The Oregon Coast

Day IX: Pack up and drive back to Bakersfield. I suggest we cut over on Highway 299 near Eureka to I-5. This route is faster than driving all the way back down highway 101. Highway 299 will take us through the mountains near the Trinity Alps and intersects with I-5 in Redding. It will be a very long drive home so some of you may want to take an extra day to go back.


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