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Canadian Rockies "Proposal"

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Note this trip is being postponed until next summer at which time I hope we can pull this off. So, if interested but you couldn't make it this year make plans for next summer. I've replaced the Canadian Rockies trip with a trip to the Pacific Northwest if you are looking for a two week hiking and camping trip.

Canadian Rockies/Glacier National Park Proposal

This summer I am seriously considering taking a three week trip to the Canadian Rockies which might include a two or three day stop at Glacier National Park on the way home. At the present time we are in the initial planning stage of what we anticipate and hope will be an incredible once in a lifetime camping, day hiking, and a bit of sight seeing trip ( to some of the most spectacular hiking trails North America has to offer.

Yoho National Park

General Description of the Trip

Here is a “general” description of the trip for everyone’s consideration. We will leave in the middle of July. At this point the departure date posted is tentative and subject to change by a few days here or there. A finalized departure date will be posted at a later time once I assess the probability of the trip and the trip will last around three weeks. Our first stop will be in Banff which will take a couple of days to get to by car. Banff is located about an hour and a half from Calgary Alberta. Once we arrive in Banff we will hike and do a bit of sightseeing for five or six days. After our stay in Banff we will either go to the Lake Louise/Yoho National Park area for a couple of days or head directly to Jasper Alberta. We will stay in the Jasper area for five or six days. While in the Jasper area we may spend a night camping in the Mount Robson area while we hike the “world famous” trail to Berg Lake/Mount Robson. After our time in Jasper we will either head back to California or, if time allows and there is interest, we may take a side trip to the Glacier National Park (

Iceberg Lake Glacier National Park

Updated Canadian Rockies


Here is an updated “tentative” itinerary of the potential hikes, campgrounds, and sightseeing opportunities of our trip.



Tunnel Mountain Campground

Johnston Canyon Campground

Tentative Hiking Schedule

1.* Cory Pass-Mount Edith Loop hike: 8 mile hike

2. Johnson Canyon/Ink Pots: 8 miles

3.* Stanley Glacier: 5 Miles or more

4. Healy Pass/Egypt Lake: 15 Miles

5. Sunshine Village/Rock Isle Lake/Citadel Pass: 12 Miles

6. C-Level Cirque: 5 Miles

7.* Floe Lake and the “Rockwall”/Kootenay National Park: 13-16 Miles

8. Wonder Lake/Pass/Mt. Assiniboine: 16 Miles

Floe Lake and the Rockwall

Sightseeing Opportunities

1. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

2. Cave and Basin National Historic Site

3. Banff Upper Hot Springs

4. Whyte Museum of the Rockies

5. Vermillion Lakes

6. Town of Banff

Vermillion Lake

Lake Louise/Yoho National Park


Lake Louise Campground

Kicking Horse Campground/Yoho NP

Tentative Hiking Schedule

1. Plain of the Six Glaciers and Teahouse: 7 Miles

2. Larch Valley to Sentinel Pass: 7 Miles

3. Moraine Lake/Valley of the Ten Peaks to Wenkchemna Pass: 12 Miles

4. Lake O’Hara/ Lake Oesa/Opabin Plateau Loop Circuit: 10 Miles… This trip involves a four and a half mile bike ride to the trail head.

5. Emerald and Hamilton Lake and Falls: 7 Miles

6. Iceline Summit/Yoho Valley/Whaleback loop: 10-12 Miles

Trail to Plain of the Six Glaciers

Sightseeing Opportunities

1. Takakkaw Falls

2. Burgess Shale

3. Fairmont Chateau/Lake Louise

4. Samson Mall/Lake Louise

Takakkaw Falls

Columbia Icefield


Wilcox Creek

Columbia Icefield Campground

Tentative Hiking Schedule

1. Wilcox Pass: 5 Miles

2. Nigel Pass: 9 Miles

3. Columbia Icefield: 2 Miles

4. Helen Lake/Dolomite Pass: 10 Miles

Trail to Wilcox Pass

Jasper National Park


Whistler’s Campground

Tentative Hiking Schedule

1. Mount Edith Cavell/Meadows Loop: 5 Miles

2. Maligne Canyon: 5 Miles

3. Opal or Bald Hills: 5-6 Miles

4. Watchtower Basin/Shovel Pass: 12-16 Miles

5. Mount Robson/Berg Lake: 16-24 Miles…This hike includes an eight mile round trip mountain bike ride.

6. Tonquin Valley/Ramparts: 18-20 Miles

Mount Edith Cavell

Sightseeing Opportunities

1. Maligne Lake Boat Tours

2. Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

3. Jasper Tramway

4. Miette Hot Springs

5. Downtown Jasper

6. Edith and Annette Lakes

Maligne Lake

Basic requirements for this trip

1. Must have a spirit of adventure, exploration, and curiosity and be willing to be flexible and able to wing it at times…because…during a three week trip we will no doubt face unexpected challenges, like weather for example, which are out of our control and thus we will need to be able to adapt and accept potential changes and limitations.

2. Willingness to put the safety of the group ahead of one’s personal interests or ambition. While I don’t consider myself a micro-manager, “on this trip”, I do expect us all to stay together, for the most part, and be in communication at all times. The Canadian Rockies is a wilderness area which I suspect is unfamiliar to most of us and the home of “massive” glaciers, lingering summer snow fields and potentially dangerous Grizzly Bears.

3. One “must” be in a average to above average hiking shape. This is a hiking trip, first and foremost, and everyone needs to be able to keep up with the group or at least accept one’s limitations and be willing to turn back on their own or perhaps skip a hike here or there. The majority of the hikes should be accessible to most in good shape but there are a number of potential hikes in the 14 to 20 mile range which will be a challenge even for anyone in great shape.

4. You need to passport by the time of the trip.

5. Bear Spray and bell.

6. Rain gear…coats and gaiters primarily…and…a tent that can stand up to

potential rain off and on for a couple of days.

Final Note: Bill has traveled and hiked in all the major mountain ranges in the western U.S. and Canada and consider the Canadian Rockies the crown jewel of North America. I do realize this trip is a financial and serious commitment but one I believe is worth it. Hope you can join us!