Each week a group of us meets two to three times a week to go hiking for an hour and a half to two hours in the foothills generally near Hart Park or Hanglider Hill just outside the city limits of Bakersfield. The purpose of the hikes is to stay in shape for the various hikes with the larger group on the week-ends throughout the year. The hiking routes we choose are generally about five miles or a bit longer...and...I would classify the hike as moderate to somewhat strenuous with an elevation gain in the neighborhood of 2,000 feet. Important note: These hikes are geared for hikers who are already in somewhat good shape. If you exercise regularly you are welcome to join us but if you do not have a recent history of cardio exercise these hikes will be very difficult for you because we hike at a fast pace and there is significant elevation gain. At this time we meet around six o'clock and go until dark but as the days get shorter we will meet earlier. We have been meeting together for over two years now and I think most hikers would agree that we have a good time while hiking, socializing, and talking about this or that. If interested, please contact me personally at [masked] and I will add you to our conditioning list of contacts. I do not post each conditioning hikes on this site but once you are on the list you will be notified when and where we meet for each hike. Our next hike will take place this Monday evening at 6:15 near the sheriff's shooting range at the entrance of Hart Park. I also do conditioning hikes on the week-ends in the Kern Canyon, Tehachapi Mountains, Mt. Pinos, and Windwolves when I am not hiking with the larger group or with friends. You will be notified when these hikes occur as well...Bill Baugher...P.S. These conditioning hikes are year round and we hike whether it is raining, snowing, foggy, or even when the Grizzly bears come out of hibernation or the Caribou are migrating through the Hart Park.The only time we do not hike is when the marmots are migrating or during the mountain goat mating season!...Just kidding. We do hike all year in all weather conditions including rain, fog and darkness.

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