Past Meetup

Hart Park Sunset Conditioning Hike.


Join us for a late afternoon conditioning hike, finishing in evening twilight and providing unobstructed views of the Bakersfield sunset. This hike will start as late as possible each week to provide a finish near the end of Civil Twilight and a beautiful Bakersfield sunset!

We meet at the Sheriff's shooting range near the "west" entrance to Hart Park. I plan on changing the start time each week at successfully later times through February. This is based on the premise that later and later times will allow more people to attend on Thursday evenings. It will also allow for continued views of the sunset.

This one and a half hour hike is moderate because we do keep a good pace as we move up down some hills, a few which are somewhat steep and can be slippery. The total distance is about five miles with an elevation gain of around 1500 feet. I would not recommend this hike for anyone who is not in shape. You don't have to be in great hiking shape but you do need to have a recent history of regular cardio exercise.

So, if you are looking to keep in shape and something to do, join us this Thursday afternoon at the posted start time. A headlamp should not be needed but I always like to carry one for emergencies.

This picture is an example of a few of the excellent hills to climb, making your heart beat and calories burn! There are also level and down hill areas to allow recovery while still keeping on the move.