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Remington Trail to Lightner Peak - CANCELLED


The Hike

This hike is an out-and-back 13 mile hike from a roadside trailhead to Lightner Peak. It should provide excellent conditioning opportunities with grand views from the top.

Since it is out-and-back, hikers can turn around at any point as long as they have notified someone continuing on. The trail continues south another mile past Lightner Peak to Lightner Flat for those that want a full 15 miles. (For those interested in Lightner Flat and O'Brian Spring and can't do the 15 miles, it is an easy hike from the top of Breckenridge road near the summit.)

The Forest Service describes this hike as:
"The Remington Ridge Trail starts 1.75 miles west of Hobo Campground on Old Kern Canyon Road. The climb is moderate to steep and passes from open oak, grass woodland with spring wildflowers, through brush fields, to pine and oak forest at the O'Brien Spring Road. Views of Isabella Lake, Kern Canyon and Kern Plateau can be seen in the higher portion of the trail.

Beginning Elevation: 2,500 Feet Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
Elevation Gain: 3,900 Feet High Point: 6,400 Feet Length: 7.4 Miles to O'brian Spring
Trail Number: 32E51"


From Bakersfield, the trail head is 42 miles northeast on State Highway 178. The turnoff to Old Kern Canyon Road is a right turn just after the highway turns to 4 lanes coming from Bakersfield. Travel approximately 7.5 miles to the Remington Trail sign on the right, across from the hot springs parking lot.

From Lake Isabella, go west towards Bakersfield on Highway 178 to the Borel Road left turn. Turn right off Borel Road onto Old Kern Highway. Pass the Hobo Campground 1.75 miles and see the Remington Trail Sign on the left across form the hot springs parking lot.

What to bring: food and water, 10 essentials, good shoes/boots. Click Here ( for Wikipedia explanation of 10 essentials. This hike is also used by mountain bikes and motorcycles, the map has it designated as a 4WD and a pack trail.

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I have not personally hiked this trail before. Many other of our members have, and I am counting on them to help navigate this simple route, if necessary.

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