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Hooper Hill Morning Hike

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Hooper Hill is fun!

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This is a short class 1 hike with a great view. This hike is 2 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 670 feet. It is appropriate for beginners, children, and for people just looking to get outside on a morning hike. We will hike regardless of the weather conditions.

Hooper Hill 04-30-2011

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We are meeting up at Tank Park (35.607967, -118.484138) in Lake Isabella, California at 9:30AM which is easily accessible from Highway 178. We will caravan for 10-15 minutes to the trailhead located at (35.569589, -118.506856).
We will slowly make our way north up the steep incline to the ridge. Once on the ridge we will walk back south to the summit (35.56721
9, -118.512666). We will be taking our time, and the whole hike should take less than 2 hours.
Hooper Hill 04-30-2011
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Class What?
It is important that we all understand the rating system that organizers use on their hikes. For my hikes I generally use something close to the Yosemite Decimal System. I have seen many different versions of this system, and many are adamant that their version is the right version and etc.. The best description I have seen of the five classes that seems to encompass the most general idea may be found at under ‘Five Classes of Climbing Difficulty’ ( click here ( ).
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