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Welcome to the club at the Hub in River Street, Somerstown.
It is said that laughter is 'the sound of the soul dancing ' or , that 'laughter is the shortest distance between 2 people '.

In short, laughter workshops provide organised merriment which benefits brain and body health as well as a positive impact on our social and professional lives.
All these benefits can be experienced without humour .
They are achieved through a series of gentle stretches in addition to yogic breathing, which is deep & extended breathing. These elements are both calming & grounding.
The fun part are the laughter exercises !

You may feel a tad self conscious at first but fear not ! we all do .
All it takes is your willingness to participate in a safe & mutually respectful group setting. Permission for an hour of playfulness with ridiculous health benefits ( check the data for yourself ) is granted.....just permit yourself .
10 minutes hearty laughter burns 50 calories .
I could go on.

I look forward to sharing laughter with you πŸ˜€

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