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Write the Breakout Novel Workshop
We are working our way through "Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook" by Donald Maass (note- this is the actually the workbook, not the regular novel by the same name). It is the best how-to guide for writing a novel that I have seen and effective for both plotters and pantsers. Plus, it guides you to develop the plot organically from the characters. It is appropriate for both experienced and inexperienced writers. You can get your own workbook or cheat off of ours. The group will meet twice a month. We are moving it back to our Southcenter Location and making the time earlier so be sure to check those details out. And please sign up for each session and cancel out those you are not able to attend. Also, please at least buy coffee or tea at the businesses that are kind enough to host us. Look forward to seeing you there!

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Want to stimulate and nurture your inner writer? The focus of this Meetup is "to inspire us to write". The hallmark is all positive feedback (even our suggestions are phrased positively, because we don't want our inner critics to impede our muse). We want to be cheerleaders for each other. The structure of the Saturday morning meetup is a brief didatic reading, optional writing prompts followed by an hour of quiet writing, and a brief wrapup. If desired, people may also exchange manuscripts or read a bit from their piece. This is not expected and truly is totally optional. The structure of the other free write meetups is different. There is no didactic portion, no optional writing prompt. You just show up and write. All skill levels are welcome to all meetups, and brand new writers are celebrated. Occasionally, we have a social get together also.

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